for BF adn Tucker

teh tiemz taht ai recawl
tohse sweet ungarded momentz
teh liftin ov mai hart
teh tuchin ov mai soel

let mii cloez mai eyz
gayz intu mai myndz mirror
tu see reflektd tehre
teh lub taht woz yor gift

let teh clok tik on
teh vastness ov teh futuer
iz moer tahn ai can manayj
tuu much tu fayse aloen

ordinerry daez
tehy wer awl ai needed
juss tu haz yoo heer
woz awl teh wurld tu mii

let teh teerz flo
teh river ov mai sadness
teh depth ov mai desier
tu be wiff yoo aygen

sayv for mii a playse
sumwer in teh meddo
wer wii can rest tugevver
wen wii ar won wonse moer

big bang

I could grieve alone forever at the parting of our ways
or lift you up to heaven on a tide of fulsome praise
I could turn the world around you to keep you in the light
and all I ask is just one kiss to see me through this night

I could share with you the secrets that are buried in my past
tear the shackles from you to set you free at last
love you ’til the sun burns out and the universe has gone
and then kickstart another so my love for you lives on


the walls are closing in on me
the silence drags me down
the only thing that bears me up
is having you around
and that is rather shocking as
you know that this is true
I’d rather eat my own left foot
than spend my time with you


there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy what should I do
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
asking the way to the zoo

listen son do as I tell you
whisper right into its ear
I don’t give a damn where you came from
but there’s no way to get there from here

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy I’m at my wits ends
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
saying he wants to be friends

listen son don’t be a nuisance
tell it whatever you like
then give it a drink and a sandwich
and tell it to go take a hike

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy it’s singing rude songs
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
wearing bikini and thongs

listen son I’m getting angry
nothing you say makes any sense
so tell it that it don’t belong here
then kick it back over the fence

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy it’s calling me names
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
disrupting all of our games

listen son this is the last time
tell it that it’s had its fun
but if it don’t leave here instanter
I’m fetching my elephant gun.

dark descends

the dark descends and you and I
are sat alone ‘neath lowering sky
we listen as the wild wind sings
and wait in dread for what it brings
what evil fetch from netherworld
will be upon our persons hurled
what monster from the howling deep
would rend us should we dare to sleep
oh we could cry and pray aloud
for angel dressed in armour proud
who’d stand his ground with sword in hand
and guard with grace this precious land
but nought will come to cry or prayer
our words are lost in storm tossed air
and we must fall back on such might
that will protect us through the night
the bargain will be made in fear
for death or worse is coming near
and if the cost is much to pay
that waits upon another day
survival now our only goal
what matters if it cost our soul


devil bats his pretty eyes
blows a kiss and waves a hand
across a crowded room I find
myself once more at his command

devil gestures come to me
and ‘gainst my will I will comply
what devil says that must I do
though heaven cannot tell me why

devil has his bag of tricks
plays them all and I am lost
where I’m bound I cannot say
heaven, hell, the lines are crossed


the ties that bind me to this place
grow weaker by the day
the walls I’ve built around myself
have hidden me away
and I’ll be gone before the light
can reach into my heart
for though I see you standing there
we always stand apart
don’t grieve for me when I am gone
I am not worth your tears
nothing I have said or done
has mattered all these years
and if you think of me at times
remember this of me
I never sought to cling to life
but only to be free


a dark and stormy night I cried
the night my darling boyfriend died
what truths he knew what lies he told
of banshee scream and faeries gold
I knew he wasn’t good for me
but still I would not let him free
for truth and lies I both ingest
and drew from him his very best
of battle fought with giant foe
and subtle haunts where he would go
I know, I know, he told me lies
I saw it there within his eyes
but fool I am and to my shame
I cooked and ate him all the same


speak not to brain nor yet to heart
speak not of science or of art
speak not of love or pain or joy
speak not of game or favourite toy
speak not of peace speak not of war
speak not against and speak not for
speak only when you can’t be heard
and otherwise speak not a word

for 4.5k adn Teddy adn fambly

teh wurdz hang hevvy rownd mai hed
iz lief no moor? iz awl hoep ded?
ar tehre moer teerz taht need be shed?
adn wer ar yoo mai deer?

adn tu teh wurld a hartbork crai
ai cannot stand aloen, nott ai
teh lub ai feel it cannot dai
adn yoo muss stil be neer

wot cumfort iz tehre leff for mii
butt taht sumwer yoo stil muss bee
for in teh meddo yoo run free
taht mush tu mii iz cleer


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