xmas? yeah, right

by damommza & sunovawot

The shopping is over
The wrapping is done
I’ve made lots of cookies
And eaten every one
The stockings are hung
By the chimney with care
I’m off to the gym
Before I outgrow this chair….

the shopping’s not done yet
the wrapping’s a chore
I ain’t making cookies
’cause cooking’s a bore
the stockings are holey
the chimney is blocked
I’ll forgo the gym ’cause
the bar is well stocked


lift your head up Frederick, lift it up my son
the world was not made just for you, but for everyone
it hurts me when I see you down, but it is not my place
to try to lift you up again, you must run your own race

stake your claim now Frederick, stake your claim my child
the world is full of ignorance, and monsters running wild
sing a song of desperation, try to stand up tall
and if you do not make it, well it matters not at all


Brangwyn sang the pretty songs
the ones I wrote for her alone
for every verse of mine she sang
she’d sing another of her own

she sang of love and of desire
sang of beauty ‘neath the skin
of how one kept the other out
and how one let the lover in

Brangwyn sang with all her might
and how I loved to hear the sound
but Brangwyn left me not by choice
to sleep forever in the ground

Brangwyn sang the pretty songs
and I would sing in harmony
now my voice is cracked and broken
who will sing my songs with me



the dripping the dripping the dripping won’t stop
it soon fills my head and I must get a mop
it’s leaking it’s leaking its hitting the floor
biting my heels, I run for the door
the wild wind is biting and clawing my face
but the dripping the dripping soon picks up the pace
I run and I run till my feet hit the splash
reality splinters, I’m starting to crash
with a feeling of calm I just lay back and float
and bang my head there on the tip of a boat
I sling myself over, my fingers are dull
the dripping the dripping is filling the hull
I look in the water, there are faces below
of those who gave up and just went with the flow
I’m eager to join them I’m eager to stay
how does one keep all this water at bay?


let the water drip I say
I have no strength to fight today
nor have I will to take a stand
against the drowning of the land

it’s true that once upon a time
I strove to draw some kind of line
a limit plain for all to know
so far no further will I go

but age has worn the spirit down
that once would stand and fight his ground
all that’s left is what you see
a broken husk that was once me

let me loose

let me loose on your Summer
with my frozen tears
come join me forever
in bitter cold years
I’ll give you no option
to bask in the heat
but keep you leashed in
at Winter’s cold feet

let me loose on your Summer
with my frozen breath
I’ll bring you the anguish
of hunger and death
you cannot return to
where Summer stands
once you are held in
Winter’s cruel hands

Serena still

by sunovawot & damommza

How can it be
my heart still cries
for one more look
into those eyes

how can it be
that I still find
that thoughts of you
can fill my mind

how can it be
though you are gone
my love for you
still lingers on

It still can be
I have to say
to think of her
most every day

It still can be
to feel her weight
upon my pillow
when it is late

It still can be
to call her name
a silent house
is not the same

It still can be
with those I’ve lost
that all the tears
are worth the cost…

a lolloween pome

juss az teh niet iz fawlin
froo teh grass ai see it crawlin
crawlin crawlin littul monstur in teh shadoez of teh niet
adn mai hart beginz tu stutta
az ai heerz it mutta mutta
adn mai legz woent tayk mii hoemward tehy am parruliezd wif friet

adn it reellee iz a pitteh
wen ai’z juss a littul kitteh
adn mai sharp enz ar tuu tynee tu giv a flee a scrach
wot tehn can ai dooin
tu excayp teh surten rooin
taht iz kummin creepin crawlin froo the greenee grassee pach

so ai cawl owt for mai muvva
butt awl ai see iz yet annuva
annuva creepin crawler in teh dizmal dreeree dark
so ai pull mai self tugevva
adn trai tu wurk owt wevva
tehrez ennyway tu get away wivvowt a singul mark

butt wotz teh yoose in tryin
ai noe taht ai ar lyin
wen ai attemt tu tel mai self taht ai wil be awlriet
teh ownlee hoep beefor mii
taht teh monsturz wil ignor mii
tehn fro mai self upon teh tendur mur sees ov teh niet

butt holt it juss wun sekkund
it seemz ai hazznt rekkund
teh monsturz may be juss az skayrd az ai iz feelin tu
maybe if wiiz huddl
in a kitteh monstur muddl
tehn wii awl can mannij tu lass teh hoel niet froo


the walls, the walls are closing in
and I still married to my sin
cast my gaze into the night
not for me a heaven’s light
and torn apart with grief and woe
my soul has nowhere else to go
but sit and fester in the dark
and feed once more the Devil’s mark
bought and paid for with the pain
of those whose trusted me in vain
for I can turn a pretty phrase
while all around me is ablaze
and with a smile present a lie
that will pass the keenest eye
but such I am and can’t complain
when forced to carry my own pain
just pray somehow that I may cope
with a world bereft of hope

if I’m not the solipsist, who is?

I am but a simple man
have been since the world began
and when I die you can be sure
the universe will be no more

the river of sin

the world is getting darker with every day
I haven’t got a god but feel the need to pray
can you tell me where I’m going, or how to begin
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

I used to know what hope is but now I forget
the causes that we fight for are receding yet
there’s a maggot in my apple, and I just bit in
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

seldom have I seen you with a happy smile
and the way that things are going it will be a while
meanwhile I just stand here, take it on the chin
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

for every true depression there’s a phony high
I could wish you ‘have a good day’ but it’d be a lie
we used to have a fat chance, but even that’s got thin
all I am is washed up, in a river of sin

tell me that it’s worth it and I’ll struggle on
the game of life ain’t over till the last of us is gone
and despite the odds against us, we still might win
or maybe we’re just washed up, in the river of sin


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