a halloween love song

bring my billy home she cried
don’t take my love from me
and though i heard her plaintive cry
still was i lost at sea

a sennight since the storm blew up
and dragged us to our grave
my spirit stands outwith her door
and begs my love be brave

you will not see my eyes of blue
nor yet my golden hair
they were lost beneath the waves
to Davy Jones’s care

you will not feel my gentle hand
or taste my lover’s kiss
for i am done with all such things
that once gave me such bliss

but when the wind blows high and hard
then will i come to thee
to bring you to a couch beside
the one reserved for me

and we shall rest forever more
where mankind’s eyes are blind
and there we’ll take such comfort as
our corpses yet may find


lay me down and call me mother
wake me up when i am dead
pull the other one my darling
watch me turn a crimson red
it is time that we were leaving
for the halls and hearths of home
seldom have we been so lordly
since we walked the streets of rome
but of course i know your secrets
i wrote the book on how to scry
in the course of but one moment
how could we see eye to eye
let me hold your furry paw dear
in the rues of old bordeaux
where the nights of sweet debauchery
are all we need or want to know
i will never be so lonesome
as that time before we met
curses on that passing moment
that brings with it regret
life is hard for those who need it
harder still for those that pray
cordons drawn around the crypt are
where i think we’re meant to stay
shallow breaths are taken slowly
our hearts lie on the plate
i would sing to you of customs
that were old before this date
seperate but still together
all the while i hold you tight
put your favourite verb here darling
and we’ll do it every night

the panda

there’s a purple spotted panda at the bottom of our street
who’s dressed like how’s your father from his head down to his feet
he’s speaking in italian, a language he don’t know
of the wampus cats awaiting where the welkin’s hanging low

the ground is made of taffy though they not a one said please
but wrapped him up in spider’s web and brought him to his knees
and all the pretty butterflies are flying much too soon
while children dance upon the path that leads them to the moon

the leaves are made of iv’ry on iconoclastic trees
the depths of their despair can be heard floating on the breeze
mice and rats will comfort you when all your money’s spent
and sing you christmas carols just to carry you through lent

now i have never been there, and i guess i never will
for though i love you dearly, i’m peculiarly ill
and everybody knows that pandas rarely tell the truth
a symptom of celebrity they picked up in their youth

where do sounds go

by damommza & sunovawot

where do sounds go, after they flee,
from pain and shattered dreams?
like little bubbles of despair
filled with tiny screams

do they land in other places
or attach to people’s clothes
do they linger round your collar
and just sit upon your nose

are they the creaking in the night
the sound upon the stair
the door slowly unlocking
when you know there’s no one there

are they the coffee mug that clinks
and fills another cup
the sound of sipping dark, hot brew
when only you are up

the question is a troubling one
though most seem not to care
they’ll tell you noise is nothing but
vibrations in the air

yet after all this maundering
between us, me and you
where do the dead sounds wander
I haven’t got a clue

who am i

couldn’t catch me for a long time, wrong time
couldn’t catch me in the gnarly days of spring
where did i go in the mean time, lean time
where did i go when the church bells ring

don’t look for me in the old days, cold days
don’t look for me where the trees will not grow
save all your strength for the bad days, mad days
save all your strength when the wild winds blow

who was i with in the cool night, cruel night
who was i with when the sun disappeared
i was with the ghouls in the dark night, stark night
i was with the ghouls as the augurs feared

treat me like a fool if it please you, frees you
treat me like a fool but that’s not my game
i will be the one who will take you, break you
i will be the one who will teach you shame

nothing you could say could depress me, stress me
nothing you could say could make me give a damn
everything i do is to chill me, thrill me
everything i do tells you just who i am


by damommza & sunovawot

The dark and bloody moon
it shines through my window
a storm is twisting branches
as they bow to threat of snow

the candles flicker wildly
their flames lick at my face
all the world is poison
I’m safest in my space

the doors are tightly bolted
the shades now drawn and dark
I check each inch of my skin
but find no devil’s mark

and yet I’m cursed and have been
there really was no choice
they could have ended my life
by silencing my voice

I take my pen to paper
and as I begin to write
these stories just flow from me
on this cold and hopeless night

for words are where my power lives
in every measured phrase
to take another step beyond
the prison of my days

the chances they have wasted
to bring me to my knees
to place their mark upon me
like some loathsome disease

and come once more the morning
when all their power has fled
I’ll take my turn as hunter
and paint the streets blood red


by damommza & sunovawot

If I only did
What I normally do
You’d have never met me
I’d have never met you

The poetry biz
Would be quite the flop
We’d use up our ideas
And eventually stop

But now we can bounce
A thought or a tale
A word or a phrase
It never gets stale

And so dear sunny
I leave it to you
To finish this tale
With a nice thought or two

change comes as it must
that none can deny
you change to keep living
or stagnate and die

and really, let’s face it
i’m willing to bet
that neither one of us
wants to die yet


by sunovawot & damommza

the light comes on
and what a scare
i look for me
but i’m not there

it’s passing strange
when all you find
you’ve left but left
yourself behind

so i look for
me plainly hid
i swore i’d not
but then i did

if i’m not gone
and i’m not there
i really am
not anywhere

so off i creep
in to my bed
and on my pillow
there’s my head


my mother sold her soul for lies
my father was a fool
and i learnt all a man should know
before i got to school
but you and i, we’re cognisant
that enemies are rife
so stand behind me evermore
and i will give you life

we’ll take a walk from here because
we know we shouldn’t stay
the corpses of our life before
will just get in our way
and everything that we hold dear
is right here in our hands
we have no need of fripperies
or chattels or of lands

i wish that we had both been born
with time upon our side
but even though our hearts are pure
our teachers, in truth, lied
so pardon us and we’ll depart
upon our purposed way
where shards of broken promises
cannot lead us astray


pass me a new message boyo
the world is in a loop
i can’t speak for anybody
my tongue’s in the soup

sing a verse of “how’s your father”
god knows it’s a farce
take your time and do it rightly
or they will kick your arse

what’s the point of hanky panky
ask the eldest son
nothing comes to he that’s waiting
while the race is run

i will cut the cake in pieces
each one has a choice
genuflect to greater glory
but never raise your voice

words can be a curse they tell me
as the curtains rise
take my hand and take my fortune
damn your pretty eyes

share a long and silent moment
whilst i parse my words
anything a man may cling to’s
strictly for the birds

juliet and romeo are
waiting at the grave
i will turn my eyes to heaven
but still i will not shave


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