love story

I loved him when the sun stood high
and when the moon was in the sky
I loved him with a love so true
I cannot speak its depth to you
I loved him when he held me tight
he was my heart and my delight
I loved him with a passion’s flame
oh you would have done just the same
I loved him more with every breath
and swore I’d love him ’til my death
I loved him so the stories say
but that was on another day


shadows take us haunting when the moon is in your eyes
and sad and sallow creatures beguile us with their lies
who would take a summer’s night and hold it in their hand
would find the weird and wonderful lie far beyond command

and summer love is you and I and all the myriad here
dressed in dark disguises and caparisoned with fear
we feel the night time flowing though we have no hope to hold
our souls have been discarded and our futures have been sold

but come with me my pretty one and rest your weary bones
upon a bed of marble a pillow made of stones
we’ll play no more as dilettantes the time for that has gone
the world welcomes disaster though our memory lingers on

for CMJ and family

time takes its share and much much more
and leaves the rest to grieve
for all the things that never were
and the love that had to leave

a love we held so close at hand
that served to light the way
through broken dreams and broken hearts
the rigours of the day

and how I yearn to feel the past
to talk with you once more
reclaim the balance we once had
be as we were before

yet nothing can be as it was
when all we had was new
there can be nothing this I know
to take the place of you

but time can not be held in spite
despite its cruelest blow
one day we’ll meet again to bring
a surcease to our woe

on teh ockayshun ov Cheezland’z nawt furd birfdae

anubber yeer anubber ayj
anubber buuk anubber payj
adn wunse agen wii turnz owr fayse
tu gayz upon tihs halloed playse
wer awl ar free on enny dae
tu cum adn joyn tehir frenz in plae
adn eech adn ebbry buddy noez
taht tihs iz wer owr gladness groez
wer kyootness wawkz adn in itz hand
a flag tu wayv abuv teh land
a signul tu teh massing crowd
tu lett tehir joy ring owt allowd
adn ebbry tuch or frenly kiss
displaez tu awl owr birfdae bliss


I couldn’t be what you wanted of me
I couldn’t follow the thread
all I could do was trail after you
and pretend to myself I was dead

there were times I would rail and my cornering fail
as I danced to the music you played
and each little flaw was a foot in the door
another false step I had made

yet what is a man if he has not a plan
and what good is love to a jerk
when everything’s lost at too high a cost
and nothing he tries seems to work

lord you could ask or take me to task
why did I let it begin
when each little word never meant to be heard
would scratch like a nail on my skin

so here I will stay as my life slides away
and all that is left is my pain
and though I cry out there can be no doubt
I would do it all over again

for BF adn Tucker

teh tiemz taht ai recawl
tohse sweet ungarded momentz
teh liftin ov mai hart
teh tuchin ov mai soel

let mii cloez mai eyz
gayz intu mai myndz mirror
tu see reflektd tehre
teh lub taht woz yor gift

let teh clok tik on
teh vastness ov teh futuer
iz moer tahn ai can manayj
tuu much tu fayse aloen

ordinerry daez
tehy wer awl ai needed
juss tu haz yoo heer
woz awl teh wurld tu mii

let teh teerz flo
teh river ov mai sadness
teh depth ov mai desier
tu be wiff yoo aygen

sayv for mii a playse
sumwer in teh meddo
wer wii can rest tugevver
wen wii ar won wonse moer

big bang

I could grieve alone forever at the parting of our ways
or lift you up to heaven on a tide of fulsome praise
I could turn the world around you to keep you in the light
and all I ask is just one kiss to see me through this night

I could share with you the secrets that are buried in my past
tear the shackles from you to set you free at last
love you ’til the sun burns out and the universe has gone
and then kickstart another so my love for you lives on


the walls are closing in on me
the silence drags me down
the only thing that bears me up
is having you around
and that is rather shocking as
you know that this is true
I’d rather eat my own left foot
than spend my time with you


there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy what should I do
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
asking the way to the zoo

listen son do as I tell you
whisper right into its ear
I don’t give a damn where you came from
but there’s no way to get there from here

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy I’m at my wits ends
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
saying he wants to be friends

listen son don’t be a nuisance
tell it whatever you like
then give it a drink and a sandwich
and tell it to go take a hike

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy it’s singing rude songs
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
wearing bikini and thongs

listen son I’m getting angry
nothing you say makes any sense
so tell it that it don’t belong here
then kick it back over the fence

there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
daddy it’s calling me names
there’s a pachyderm down in the garden
disrupting all of our games

listen son this is the last time
tell it that it’s had its fun
but if it don’t leave here instanter
I’m fetching my elephant gun.

dark descends

the dark descends and you and I
are sat alone ‘neath lowering sky
we listen as the wild wind sings
and wait in dread for what it brings
what evil fetch from netherworld
will be upon our persons hurled
what monster from the howling deep
would rend us should we dare to sleep
oh we could cry and pray aloud
for angel dressed in armour proud
who’d stand his ground with sword in hand
and guard with grace this precious land
but nought will come to cry or prayer
our words are lost in storm tossed air
and we must fall back on such might
that will protect us through the night
the bargain will be made in fear
for death or worse is coming near
and if the cost is much to pay
that waits upon another day
survival now our only goal
what matters if it cost our soul


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