damommza birthday 2015

they say that as you get older
the aches and the pains they accrue
the eyesight goes, as does the stamina
and I must say, my dear, that it’s true
but there isn’t a point in complaining
you can caterwaul ’til you’ve gone red
but try to remember your blessings
you can’t grumble once you are dead
so suck it up and keep on toiling
struggling on, and I pray
that you manage to kick back and relax
and enjoy a happy birthday

yet anuvva burfdae

burfdae wishuz hoo wood haz tehm
scroo tehm up adn in teh bin
ai’z tu owld tu stil bee cowntin
senn-ess-sense iz settin in

wonse ai dansed upon teh taybulz
wonse ai woz so lieth adn fin
nao ai’m shaypd juss liek a beechbawl
nao ai haz a trebul chin

wotz teh ues in gettin owldur
wai iz tihs hao fingz must go
ayjin iz a curs upon uz
butt nuffin seemz tu holt teh floe

o mother

o mother he came to my bower
and spoke to me sweet words of love
o mother how do I kill him
if and when push comes to shove

my daughter the methods are many
and many of them have I tried
but the best must be a blunt object
for that’s how your poor father died

my god

my god is a body that lies across the water
the price of her protection is all a man can give
while the arrows fly in the heat of the slaughter
nothing less will do if you truly want to live

my god is a heart that beats in the darkness
she waits for us to come to her and light the sacred flames
many times I’ve prayed for an end to this starkness
but what she wills is what will be and gods enjoys their games

my god is a spirit that frolics in damnation
she calls on us to sacrifice our blood to her own need
nothing we can do will lessen her predation
not while she can caper and watch her people bleed

life online

by damommza & sunovawot

my stories and my memories
are saved unto the cloud
I know them all by heart and
I can restore “password allowed”

the files have all transferred there
my books, the songs, downloads
they are completey safe as
you’ll never hack the code

I’ve tried to send my soul as well
but the bandwidth is too small
I’d also need to encrypt it
behind a firewall

If I want to monitor
my memory or my RAM
I’ll just be sure to delete
all that crappy spam

when my browser isn’t flaming
and I know it’s a screenshot
I’ll save my memories of you
as you’re not a computer bot

please note before you proceed
to move your life online
the rules you must comply with
and things will be just fine

no love or laughing permitted
while you are a guest in the cloud
no memories that might be disturbing
in fact no emotions allowed

so now that you are settled
your life’s upload is complete
make sure everything is backed-up
before someone hits “DELETE”

the murder mile

save me a space on the murder mile
i’ve worn out my welcome here for a while
while custom and habit may cover most sins
i’d not be around when the fighting begins
and though it’s been said that i’ve lost my touch
for any that know me that’s not saying much
so save me a space and i’ll be with you soon
carrying my fears like a fiddler her tune

the nightmare is coming and each to his own
the beggar his hovel the princeling his throne
but my place was stolen from under my feet
by one night of passion and a life of deceit
so preach me a sermon of life love and death
and i’ll sing your praises with my final breath
and when it comes down to it you’ll see me smile
as i take a place on the murder mile


Christmas, lord it’s Christmas, and there’s nothing you can do
but to pray to any passing god that you can struggle through
you have no choice at all it seems, a servant to your fate
just dancing decorously round the people that you hate

have another sandwich dear, perhaps a piece of cake
your stomachs full, your back is sore, your smile muscles ache
and that is it, you’ve had enough, you scream leave me alone
you storm right out, and slam the door, then go home on your own

and home is as you left it, the precious balm of peace
there’s nothing could be better to bring you sweet release
and as you sit yourself down, and take a sip of beer
you promise that you’re staying home at Christmastime next year


come he told her gently
and reached out for her hand
follow in my footsteps
we’ll reach that magic land
where all the elves are feisty
and Santa mighty pissed
the reindeer are all bolshie
and Rudolph’s sorely missed
he went out for a tinkle
we told him don’t be long
but he has not returned yet
which buggers up the song
so Donner’s wearing greasepaint
and Blitzen a false nose
but neither one is working
so Santa can’t use those
the toy shop has been burnt down
destroying all the toys
but at least there is no shortage
of coal for naughty boys
and Santa won’t stop drinking
he’s on his second crate
so sadly we must tell you
this year Christmas is late


az ai sit adn contemplayt tehm
teh frenshipz ai haz lost
teh daez adn nietz of mornin
taht eech such partin cost
ai can luuk bak throo teh memreez
sum paynful uvverz sweet
adn cownt eech wun a blessin
awl viktree noe defeet
adn ai can tel teh wurld tu
lern for tehir soelz sayks
wun dae of luvvin frendship
iz wurf a milly-un hartayks

xmas? yeah, right

by damommza & sunovawot

The shopping is over
The wrapping is done
I’ve made lots of cookies
And eaten every one
The stockings are hung
By the chimney with care
I’m off to the gym
Before I outgrow this chair….

the shopping’s not done yet
the wrapping’s a chore
I ain’t making cookies
’cause cooking’s a bore
the stockings are holey
the chimney is blocked
I’ll forgo the gym ’cause
the bar is well stocked


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