ai heer yoor voyce

Ai heer yoor voyce adn luk up
wiff a smyl tahtz kwikly gon
ai smel yoor purr fyoom
wen ai walk intoo a room
adn cach a glimpz ov yoo
owt teh corna ov mai ey
ai heer yoor futsteps
adn furgett ai am alone

ai’m told too let yoo goe
butt scared taht iff ai doo
ai haz nuffin too replayce yoo
in teh voyd taht iz mai lyfe
soe ai wil cling on
wiff stengf adn desperashun
too how fingz yoost too bee
too how mutch ai stil luv yoo
adn how mutch yoo luvved me
how evry singul fing
woz seen froo teh filter
taht woz “us” adn “wee” adn “owr”

adn pray taht kum teh day
itz my turn to cross teh brij
taht yoo wil bee tehre waytin
taht saym impay shunt luk
ai sor so offen on yoor fayce

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