wiht mai sensesz all a muddol
az ai scrape froo lifesez puddol
all iz fowl adn fill fee
adn ai iz borked

teh shayp az ai r in
wood mayk a devull grin
adn ai trai to fidn mai way
butt ai r borked

teh reesuns 4 mai sorohz
r bownd 2 mai 2morohz
adn teh past taht ai muss carree
mene ai ‘m borked

werz teh lite taht shood be shinin
werz teh silvur linin
if itz gonna bee laik tihs
tehn ai r borked

adn so to lifesez edn
az ai laiz wiffowt a frend
a hed ai seez teh brij
adn ai r borked

butt stop mai hartzez waylin
stop mai currij faylin
cos ai seez u way tin tehre
adn ai ‘m not borked

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  1. damommza

     /  June 30, 2011

    I read some of your writings every night. They are like hot blueberry tea and falling snow. Please never stop writing.


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