gyv adn tayk

tehy tell yoo lub iz awl, tehy lye!
iff taht wer troo noe wun wood crye
noe, lub iz much, it iz nott awl
for taht ai’l alwaes bee grate ful
noe storree haz butt juss wun syde
“tehy livd in bliss adn tehn tehy dyde”
bawrin too heer, bawrin to lyv
tehre muss be tayk, tehre muss be gyv
tymez ov pleshur, tymez ov stryfe
ar, adn shood be, partz ov lyfe
ai doent wunt sum, ai wuntz it awl
ai’l tayk teh bak-up, tayk teh fawl
ai’l tayk teh happeez adn teh paynz
ai’l tayk teh lossez az ai tuuk teh gaynz
ai’l tayk it awl adn see it throo
for ai tuuk it awl wen ai tuuk yoo
adn thoe ai walk tihs strech alown
ai noe wun dae taht ai’l kum home

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  1. Ai’s lubbin ur poeitrees, sunovawot – speshlee dis wun. Fankees!

  2. The pleasure for me is in writing the poems, that someone else likes tthem is a bonus, thank you.


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