I reach out to the mirror
reflecting all the lifetimes
all the lifelines
the haunts of all those others
who may once have been me

and calling forth their stories
from the depths of all the has beens
all the will bes
can I say I would accept them
if someone should make the offer

for every new sensation
the merest shadow of the first times
all the dead times
what would be the purpose
if love and loss were old


iff ai

iff ai hab no strenf to stannup
in mai mynd ai stil wandah
froo teh streetz adn parkz
teh playcez ai shayr wif yoo

iff ai hab noe strenf to tuch yoo
ai stil noez yoor tehre besyde me
teh wurdz yoo neber spoek stil
az lowd az tehy awl waes wer

iff ai hab no strenf to kyss yoo
ai’l wayt ant issy patin
taht most preshuss ov momentz
wen yoo, wunse moor, kyss mee

iff ai hab no strenf to tell yoo
tehn noe taht ai stil lubz yoo
adn taht yoo ar teh centre
ov mai purr sun ull yoonibers

to the troll who goes on ICHC to point out the stupidity of lolspeak

oh dear. we never realised,
how silly we must look,
so kind of you to point it out,
now take a flying ….ohai cheezpeeps
hao iz yoo awl?


autumn raindrops kiss my cheeks
hide my tears in their own sorrow
sieze the day, is often said
I would not sieze tomorrow
for “what could be” read “never will”
for “love struck fool” read “heartbreak”
but carry on I know I must
if not for me, for our sake
to give up now would make a lie
of all we were together
and though I curse the heartless fates
I know we’ll have forever

wot yoose (taht dae)

wot yoose ar eyez taht cannott see yoo
wot yoose ar handz taht cannott feel yoo
wot yoose a voyse taht cannott cawl yoo
wot yoose ar eerz taht cannott heer yoo
wot yoose a wurld wivowt yoo init
wot yoose am ai wivowt yoo neer

stil ai ree-cawl taht dae ai met yoo
hao ai furst sor yoo, hao ai furst held yoo
ai ree-cawl teh wurdz ai gayv yoo
az ai ree-cawl yoor sweet replye

taht dae woz hoep, taht dae woz lafter
taht dae woz awl taht ai cood ask for
adn in mai hart mai con sole lay shun
ai noe taht dae wyl come agen


tippytap tippytap
are you there
can you hear me
can you see me
I’m not here…

tippytap tippytap
are you there
I am hunting
I am hungry
I’m not here…

tippytap tippytap
are you there
I am creeping
I am craving
I’m not here…

tippytap tippytap
are you there
I am slinking
I am starving
I’m not here….

tippytap tippytap
are you there
can you hear me
can you see me
I am HERE!!!


the death-god’s mask floats in my sight
the answer to unspoken fears
and for the nonce I welcome it
to circumvent my unshed tears

and those who’d stay, not bound within
the course that I see beckoning
may not adopt the coward’s way
that leads me to my reckoning

but simple answers rarely serve
as history has shown us clear
while Lethe’s waters may appeal
to sip from them may not kill fear

so on I’ll strike and count the toll
the price I’ve paid and how much still
I’ve yet to pay before I rest
and pray that I can foot the bill

pry aw rittees

soe yoor boifren sen-tyoo pakkin
adn yoor boss iz mayd ov pleh
yoor mumcat wone  stop yakkin
adn yoov startd losin hayr
nun ov tehse fingz mattuh
wen ai needz a bellehrub
mai eerz wone skrich tehmselvz
adn ai’m owt ov gusheefud
yoor pry aw rittees ar lakkin
yooz gottuh get fingz strayt
feelin sowwee for yoorsel
iz gunna hafta wayt


weeve walkd tihs far toogever
butt nao wee haz too part
ai’l carree on wivowt yoo
butt wiv yoo in mai hart
adn if teh wae iz darker
az it muss bee wen yoor gon
ai karnt lae down mai burdenz
ai stil muss struggul on
lyfe iz for teh livin
adn ai’v livin stil to do
butt ai’l bee a bettur purr sun
for habbin livd wif yoo



ai see it tehre
inn blaknwyte
teh an sur too
lyfez miss turriez
ai’l tayk a pik
teh hart ov eech
teh fyootyurz ritt
in blaknwyte