weeve walkd tihs far toogever
butt nao wee haz too part
ai’l carree on wivowt yoo
butt wiv yoo in mai hart
adn if teh wae iz darker
az it muss bee wen yoor gon
ai karnt lae down mai burdenz
ai stil muss struggul on
lyfe iz for teh livin
adn ai’v livin stil to do
butt ai’l bee a bettur purr sun
for habbin livd wif yoo


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  1. gunnersmama

     /  February 5, 2011

    Thank you so much for the beautiful poetry..I have copied it and sent it onto my friends who are in the process of saying good-bye to their bebeh-gurl Chow Chow…

    • most of my poetry (the lolspeak stuff, at least) is written in response, directly or indirectly, to the post to which it is appended, in this case yours, so you are entirely welcome.


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