wot yoose (taht dae)

wot yoose ar eyez taht cannott see yoo
wot yoose ar handz taht cannott feel yoo
wot yoose a voyse taht cannott cawl yoo
wot yoose ar eerz taht cannott heer yoo
wot yoose a wurld wivowt yoo init
wot yoose am ai wivowt yoo neer

stil ai ree-cawl taht dae ai met yoo
hao ai furst sor yoo, hao ai furst held yoo
ai ree-cawl teh wurdz ai gayv yoo
az ai ree-cawl yoor sweet replye

taht dae woz hoep, taht dae woz lafter
taht dae woz awl taht ai cood ask for
adn in mai hart mai con sole lay shun
ai noe taht dae wyl come agen

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