wer ar teh normul CCC
luukz lyk, tihs tyme,  iz down tu mee
so wot tu du, ah yesh ai fink
woshteh braynz owt in teh sink
tehn fittum bak in propur shayp
replays teh boenz n grab teh tayp
rapraprap until yooz dun
tehn teh CHRG (wif drorin on)
tayk bai teh hand adn wif a cayr
leed payshunt tu a sayf plays wer
soov wif drinkz adn chonklit possum
until teh payshunt iz feelin ossum


ai miss

ai miss yoor eys
taht speshul luuk
ai miss yoor fur
ai’d awlways pett
ai miss yoor claws
adn frendlee scraches
ai miss yoor purr
taht sownd ov loving
ai miss mai hart
nao yoo ar gon


lost in wanting
all, I fear,
the times you left me
a curse not measured
in it’s haste,
the harbinger
of what you bring

a purposeless
conflation of
points of view not
the leitmotif
may swell anew
encouraged by
the spell you sing

one tear soaked life
that yet was all,
it’s heart requires
a gamboled step
along the path
towards a day
when you were king