attak ov skwee

teh tiem wil kum
wen dreemz ar free
adn lief iz butt
an attak ov skwee

ai’v had it awl
az yoo mae see
butt stil long 4
an attak ov skwee

wer4 withawl
yoo muss agree
liefz gray test gift
an attak ov skwee



i can sit here in my corner
telling tales that never were
singing of the bright tomorrows
that i’ll never spend with her
and i can spit out acid bile
to those who’d take my hand
for no matter how they prattle
they could never understand
all the times that i’ve been shot down
all the love i’ve never seen
all the patience unrewarded
all the hope there’s never been
but what’s the point in waiting
for an ending to this curse
the future has been written
and it’s only getting worse
so i’ll stand and take my leave
though i know you will not care
for i swear you never noticed
that i was even there

awlwaes adn 4evur

if yooz awl owt ov hoepin
adn teh wurld iz on yoor caes
keep yoor opshunz open
yoo mae fynd a bettur plase
tehrez peeplz hoo ar wif yoo
hoo noe wer yoor bein
wil awlwaes be tehre if yoo
needz sumwer 2 leen

one man’s meat

let me come among you
armoured with indignation
let me be among you
and pass my poison ’round

let me give you words
slithering slimy words
let me give you words of hate and fear
let me take your hand
and lead you into darkness
the darkness i can feel so very near

let me whisper stories
stories of the others
the ones who’ll never be like you and me
and let me show you pictures
of the world i am creating
the one in which our children will be free

as yet you do not see it
the danger we are facing
the future i can see ahead for all
where everything is different
and what i think don’t matter
and i can no longer hide that i’m so small

eer eer

tehre ar menny proverbz peeplz spout
liek awl iznt gold wot glissens
butt heerz a nyoo wun juss 4 yoo
doent biet teh eer taht lissenz


tehrez daez ai cownt az ookie
adn ai carnt find mai paff
butt yooz tryin 2 maykem wurser

ai letz yoo snorglol mai belleh
cuz it awlwaez mayks yoo laff
butt yoor goin far2far

yoo can wosh teh goggeh
or eeven a jiraff
butt aiz tellin yoo nao

it aynt gunna happen
yoo can do teh maff
noe mattur hao yoo addz it up

kittehz sawng

bild az menny wallsez
az yoo fink yoo need
ai kan crorl b tween
teh spasez tween teh brix
ai kan climin ova
dozent matta hao hie
taht yoo wont 2 mayk it
ai b tunnlin unda
skrichin skrabblin unda
it iz gunna happun
2dae 2morroe sumdae
ai wil skwoze mai wae
in2 yoor hart


ai mae let yoor boddee go butt taht iz awl
teh part ov yoo taht cownts
iz wiv me bai mai side
iz held heer in mai hands
kissing awae mai teers
sheeldin me form payn
lojjed inside mai hart
wisperin yoor luv
wil nebber end

hoo choes

hoo choes tihs howr adn wai shood ai
be ecks peck ted 2 comply
wif sumwun els’z unsawt skeems
taht wood tare 2 peesez awl mai dreemz

hoo choes tihs howr 2 brayk mai hart
az yoo adn ai ar fawsed 2 part
adn awl ai cood wish 4 iz a wae
2 avoyd teh purpuss ov tihs dae

hoo choes tihs howr adn cood tehy stand
2 tayk tihs burr den form mai hand
noe, in teh end it muss be ai
2 hold yoo cloes adn sae gudby


I wrote this a couple of days ago and, although I like it, I decided not to put it up on ICHC as I think there is a danger the recipient might feel I am being flippant at their expense. (if you are not familiar: beemz = prayers and/or best wishes and /or positive vibes depending on your own belief system)

if yoo arsk me 4 munnies
yoor bang owta luk
arsk 4 a show ov currij
adn ai’m frish owta pluk
butt arsk me 4 beemz
taht ai kan do
ai’l tie ’em up in ribbingz
adn send ’em strate 2 yoo