I wrote this a couple of days ago and, although I like it, I decided not to put it up on ICHC as I think there is a danger the recipient might feel I am being flippant at their expense. (if you are not familiar: beemz = prayers and/or best wishes and /or positive vibes depending on your own belief system)

if yoo arsk me 4 munnies
yoor bang owta luk
arsk 4 a show ov currij
adn ai’m frish owta pluk
butt arsk me 4 beemz
taht ai kan do
ai’l tie ’em up in ribbingz
adn send ’em strate 2 yoo

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  1. damommza

     /  July 13, 2011

    I love this!! It deserves a “clappity clappity” and some beems sent straight to you!

  2. It’s very true and although it doesn’t take much to “send beams” the thoughts of online friends and strangers can help when you need them.

    • When you are hurting, the idea that somebody, perhaps anybody, knows and cares may be very supportive. And on-line communities (unlike your families and neighbours) being selective, I should imagine, the knowledge that they know, and, more importantly, understand, what you are going through may increase their value.


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