awlwaes adn 4evur

if yooz awl owt ov hoepin
adn teh wurld iz on yoor caes
keep yoor opshunz open
yoo mae fynd a bettur plase
tehrez peeplz hoo ar wif yoo
hoo noe wer yoor bein
wil awlwaes be tehre if yoo
needz sumwer 2 leen

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  1. damommza

     /  July 30, 2011

    Yoo haz sutsch a wonnermus kommand uf teh LOLish langwidge. Haf teh aw sum nes uf ur powems is teh wat teh ritten!

    • ai liek langwij, ai liek teh patturns it mayks, adn hao it can be man ip yoo lay ted, adn az mai ownlee langwij iz ingerlish, ai liek nyoo waes ov yoozin it.


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