i can sit here in my corner
telling tales that never were
singing of the bright tomorrows
that i’ll never spend with her
and i can spit out acid bile
to those who’d take my hand
for no matter how they prattle
they could never understand
all the times that i’ve been shot down
all the love i’ve never seen
all the patience unrewarded
all the hope there’s never been
but what’s the point in waiting
for an ending to this curse
the future has been written
and it’s only getting worse
so i’ll stand and take my leave
though i know you will not care
for i swear you never noticed
that i was even there

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  1. damommza

     /  July 31, 2011

    I know you write for your own personal pleasure and satisfaction but these poems really need to be seen by a larger audience. Some of them are so “spot on” to common experiences and so well written. I read this one at least 6 times (twice on my phone) and each reading gave it deeper meaning.

    • I think it is the second quatrain that makes this interesting for me. The rest, “Variations on a Theme of ‘Woe is Me'”, is okay, but the second quatrain adds a little oomph.

  2. damommza

     /  July 31, 2011

    I like the last quatrian the best but I keep changing it from “there” to “here” and back again..I can’t decide if the speaker has left or is still standing..seeing the scenario unfold in his mind.

    • When I was writing it I liked the way the final quatrain changed from future, “i’ll stand”, to present, “i swear”, to past “was ever there”. For me it reflected how he saw himself, moving from an “i will be” through an “i am” to an “i was” (probably in reference to the “her” in the first quatrain, although I never thought about it that deeply)

  3. {{{Sunovawot}}}

    Ai notice that u r there. Ai do. Oh, and ai seem to respond to the contents only because the ai take the composition and structure as a given. Wun day ai might even start to discuss composition. But not nao. Right nao ai feel sorry for teh person talking.

    • I feel somewhat sorry for him as well, but there is a sense that he does not make it easy to do so. The lines “i can spit out acid bile – to those who’d take my hand” suggest that if anybody tried being nice to him they would not be well recieved. Still what kind of a world would it be if we only cared about the pleasant ones?


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