ai kan kuddl wif a kitteh
ai kan pet a pussehkat
if yoor luukin 4 a mass ooss
ai kan be dooin taht

ai’z a champeeen eer skritchur
ai kan snoglol wif teh best
adn az a belleh rubber
ai kan out purr-form teh rest

wen it koms down 2it
ai’m a kitteh’s bestestest frend
4get awl teh ovverz coz
yool pik me in teh end

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  1. damommza

     /  August 30, 2011

    Ai lubs teh lolspeak caws it relaksifyz teh brainium!! Teh mowst lubberly wurds iz snoglol adn skritchurs caws tehy teh onomatopoeia adn tehy gibs me a happitails. Awl mah kittehs piked me, aifinkso!

  2. 4 me, lolspeak haz verry littul of teh am big yoo itty of “normal” lang widge, wich tendz 2 mayk fortz run in straytish lienz, adn eff ecks teh sort of fingz ai rite abowt, adn hao ai rite tehm. teh con fur say shuns weev had bowt wurd choyse adn meennin wood nott happun in “lolspeak”
    adn aifink iz acks ee oh mattik: enny choyse a kitteh maykz iz teh rite wun.


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