shopping (pleh)

I probably wont make a habit of this (I am at heart a jealous poet) but this is something damommza wrote in a few minutes as a response to a short discussion on grocery shopping on the “Stuff” page. The title is mine, so having said that, this one is:

by damommza

A bit of whimsy for you on this very rainy day across the pond…

my cupboards are empty
my cabinets bare
I’m all out of milk
as hungry as a bear

the shoppes are all crowded
I want to be done
this having to go
is really no fun

I’d like a nice garden
that’d grow in my flat
just spread out some seeds
and be done with that

sliced buns and hot sausage
would grow in a week
buckets of chicken
hot bubble and squeak

I’d even have boxes
of steak and some ale
that would come packaged
and never go stale

small cakes and iced cookies
like flowers would mound
I could just pick them
right off of the ground

with no need to water
don’t even need sun
I’d be so happy
to get this all done

with bushels of apples
and great slabs of cheese
long vines with peppers
as much as I please

hot tea would be steaming
in cups that would grow
right near the windows
with long vines below

then I could write poems
and not waste my time
thinking of writing
while stuck in this line


the boogeyman

shattering the silence he’s coming back to get me
just as he promised when i was but a kid
taken all in all i couldn’t say it’s been a good life
but it’s the only one i’m having so it’s time that i was hid

it’s no use hiding
i can taste your fear
it lays upon my tongue
it tells me you are here

he’s all in your mind now go back to sleep dear
there are no real monsters, only stories not the truth
don’t disturb your father he’s got work in the morning
and if you wake him now he’s going to hit the roof

i knew you were evil
i can smell a bad heart
just another monster
i knew it from the start

but i’m a grown man now i’m supposed to be an adult
i shouldn’t have things like this going on inside my head
i can laugh this off, oh hell i hear his footsteps
let this be a nightmare perhaps i’m really dead

i will take your eyeballs
keep them as souvenirs
i will take your heartbeat
and drown it in your tears

the wyrm

by damommza & sunovawot

he stands, his shield reflects the sun
the world, ablaze below him
his mind, cries out “what have I done”
but he is not alone

above him, one blue eye peers out
from deep within a crevice
before he has the time to shout
the beast is on his back

the wings, like leather etched in gold
ivory daggers, monster teeth
it’s breath is flame, yet leaves him cold
the beast will not let go!

for one moment his doubts assail
should he bother to fight back
this once allow dark to prevail
and bid this torture end

but ice is ice and fire is hot
it’s nature cannot change
and he needs must take his best shot
to see this battle through

and slow beneath the wyrm’s great weight
his hand a dagger grasps unseen
and once again he trusts his fate
to hard won skill at arms

a hand shoots out, the blade slides home
he feels warm blood upon his face
it’s heart is torn, pierced to the bone
and with it goes his guilt

4 Ambercat

if ai cood paynt a perfeck pichoor
adn playse it in yoor hnad
if ai cood sing a perfeck ballad
yoo cood maebe unnerstnad
juss wot it iz weer missin
adn wai tehse teerz floe
teh reesun taht weev gavverd
for her taht had tu goe
tu sum she woz a purr sun
tu sum a wel luvved naym
butt for evvry wun ov uz
lief wil nott be teh saym
adn stil we muss merember
hao much she had tu giv
she didnt teech uz hao tu die
she tort uz hao tu liv


gurus they tell me, can always be found
in some places the buggers are thick on the ground
choose your own but please be aware
if you choose the wrong one you may have to share
you’ve had some good times with others to come
days you’re the drummer instead of the drum
but dash it and darn it and ignore the mess
if life is a race you’re trailing the rest
answers are written and some even work
for those who are willing and not those who shirk
take smaller steps and you’ll get there still
if you have the patience and you have the will
of course i can tell you whatever i choose
but however you take it you’re bound to lose

2 into 1 wont go!

by damommza & sunovawot

born with a lap that was only so wide
I now have a dog and cat by my side
each one wanting to catch a ride
to sit on mommy’s knees

staring has started, the dog is ahead
cat is insistant that I be her bed
each one wishing the other dead
to claim this sacred spot

the battle thank goodness is not to the grave
but as always it will be a close shave
in exasperation I tell them to behave
or both of them will lose

in time a solution is mutually found
as neither is willing to give any ground
if mommy lays down then space will be found
for both of them to win


cat has gone hunting and that I do dread
the dog had to pee, then found a new bed
all of that arguing, that being said
my laptop wins the lap!


a sudden shout of laughter
a warm and breathless hug
a kiss given in passing
can lift you like a drug
but unlike wine or tablets
they don’t have a cost
they’ll never drag you down
leave you feeling that you’re lost
medicine has it’s places
i know, i take my share
but there’s no real substitute
for somebody who’ll care

wedded bliss

when all’s said and done
while i’m having fun
you’re swanning around like a dork
when push comes to shove
forget about love
we’re different as cheese and chalk

but carrying on
’cause once it’s begun
the worst thing you can do is quit
i struggle to aim
get back in the game
but somehow it’s never a hit

if only you knew
what it is that you do
that fills me with anger and dread
but alas it appears
despite all my fears
our marriage is going ahead

4 poussinboi on himz burfdae

iz poussinboizez burfdai
so do sumfin yoo liek
playin on teh pyooter
or rydin on yooz biek
butt heerz a peese of ah vise
wen teh dae iz dun
itz been a happee burfingdae
az long az yoo had fun

On the Art of Putting Words on Paper or Computer Screen: For Niser on Being Published

fing bowt riting,
wy itz sutch fun,
iz it duzznt
haz 2 be dun