as i sleep

and as i sleep i find you
playing out the old games
the ones that you would win
’cause i was laughing ’til i cried

and as i sleep i remember
the stories you would tell me
about all the frustrations
the minutiae of the day

and as i sleep i hold you
so i can feel your heartbeat
like a frightened insect
fluttering ‘gainst my skin

and as i sleep my tears flow
soaking into my pillow
’cause i know that when i wake up
you will not be there

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  1. damommza

     /  September 14, 2011

    I am very partial to poems that start with and use “and” at the beginning or ending of sentences. It makes the thoughts come mid event, as opposed to having a beginning and an ending. The “and” also implies that it happens, over and over, so after the last stanza of this poem, you can start the first sentence again. Very bittersweet but lovely.

    I like that the first writing had “yoo” instead of “you” at the end of the first sentence, third stanza. Shows you are truly bilingual! :-))

    • Actually, I wrote it originally in lolspeak, though not in response to any particular post, so I translated it for the blog. Somehow I missed the “yoo” on my read through.


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