4 poussinboi on himz burfdae

iz poussinboizez burfdai
so do sumfin yoo liek
playin on teh pyooter
or rydin on yooz biek
butt heerz a peese of ah vise
wen teh dae iz dun
itz been a happee burfingdae
az long az yoo had fun

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  1. damommza

     /  September 25, 2011

    *frows kornfetti, pops teh baloonz, weers teh happy birfdai hat*

    Happytails Birfdai deer Pouissinboi

  2. *Bloze up moor bloons, piks up kornfetti tu fro agenn..*
    Awww, hao nyse 🙂

    • ai hoep yoo had a grayt dae adn taht yoo liv long enuff 4 burfdaes 2 pass froo teh boring stayj adn bak in2 happeez 😀


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