gurus they tell me, can always be found
in some places the buggers are thick on the ground
choose your own but please be aware
if you choose the wrong one you may have to share
you’ve had some good times with others to come
days you’re the drummer instead of the drum
but dash it and darn it and ignore the mess
if life is a race you’re trailing the rest
answers are written and some even work
for those who are willing and not those who shirk
take smaller steps and you’ll get there still
if you have the patience and you have the will
of course i can tell you whatever i choose
but however you take it you’re bound to lose

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  1. damommza

     /  September 28, 2011

    I didn’t get this poem the first time I read it. Sometimes I have to read it more than once and then it suddenly becomes clear. I like this one. The line “(some) days you are the drummer instead of the drum” is excellent and really pulls you in to the poem. :-))

    • I know how I see this poem but I believe it is sufficiently ambiguous to allow for other people to make other interpretations. Incidentally, the “drummer” line was the last written, when I decided I needed a bridge into the middle section.


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