where have all the spirits gone
i call them up, the ghosts and ghouls
but none come to my summoning
have i not followed all the rules

alas it seems their time is done
now it has passed all hallow’s eve
they will not come to any call
no matter what some folk believe

so if i’d see my foul work done
it seems the onus falls on me
oh sod it i’ll not bother then
i’ll just sit here and drink my tea


teh were-kat

if yoo huggl kwietly
tehn verry verry suun
yoo can see teh were-kat
siillooett agaynst teh muun
adn if yoo iznt kayrful
wotchin wer he goez
along wil cum teh were-kat
adn boop yoo on teh noez


is there a single reason
he sobbed out in his grief
that i should not destroy you
and give the world relief

he cried out to the masses
in the heart of his despair
there’s nothing in this shambles
to remind me why i care

i could curse and damn you
he howled in tones of dread
but it seems i must forgive you
for the monsters in my head

and the laughter of the crowd
rang out across the field
though they had determined
that he would never yield

so they gave him to the fire
and prayed upon their knees
that though they had defiled him
the gods would hear their pleas


teh sno owtsied iz forlin
adn teh lite haz neerly gon
ai got teh fier burnin
adn my wooly furmalz on
adn aiz lookin owt teh winder
at teh seesuns furst sno storm
hao byootemous it iz wen
ai iz rapt up nyce adn worm

furty shaydz of grae (4 CMiWY)

aiz sittin heer tudae feelin furty shaydz of grae
if ownly tehre woz sumfin ai cood do
a tablut ai cood tayk tu mayk teh illnuss brayk
or mebbee sum ole wichuz majik broo

giv me ey of batt or sumfin yuk liek taht
ai woodnt cayr if it taysted ruff
if it did teh trik, stopd me feelin sik
az far az aiz consernd taht iz enuff


i am cold and it’s dark
as i walk this lonely way
i can see not a spark
and silently i pray
give me light give me hope
for a future i may see
help me strive help me cope
aid my struggle to be free
and i call in the night
for any who are here
will you show me a light
can you banish my fear
and the silence resounds
’til it fills up my head
and my mind it confounds
like the screams of the dead
and i turn once to gaze
on the ways that i’ve fared
all i see is a maze
and i wonder how i dared
come to this place
this unhallowed ground
and i can feel on my face
the tears pouring down
and off in the gloom
i can hear an eldritch call
a summons to my tomb
and an ending to it all

halloween dreams

by damommza & sunovawot

dusk is the time when sunlight is leaving
and nightmares begin to awake
the glow of my skin turns yellow and sick
and moonlight becomes a mistake

safety of vision is fogged by the dark
as shadows block every escape
full moon is rising, the howling begins
the sins of man soon take his shape

dead leaves will carpet the floor of my home
in the air, the hint of decay
curtains of thick moss will adorn the walls
this time, my bride won’t get away

for once, in the past, I traded in kindness
and saw what such forbearance gains
this time I’ll stick to the trusted and true
and this time she will wear my chains

and more I must do ‘fore moonlight is done
to search for my prey in the night
and when I am done to retire once more
to hide from the sun’s burning light

and to those who mock and play with their fear
as simply a matter of style
the last thing they’ll feel is my tearing teeth
the last thing they’ll see is my smile


the paths that i have followed
and the things that i have done
may have caused some ruckus
but i was only having fun
and if they’re not your druthers
well what is that to me
i’d a belly full of fire
and was fit and fancy free
and it’s only a few hours
’til i kiss this place goodbye
if you’re looking for regrets
i’m afraid they passed me by
but i’ll shake you by the hand
and wish you all the best
then i’ll take a final whisky
‘fore they lay me to my rest
oh, i don’t want your pity
don’t sigh and shake your head
there’s a way that’s open for me
on the paths of the dead


by damommza & sunovawot

from the barren bark it peeks
bits of green in feathery streaks
life has started fresh, anew
and so is this life fresh for you

more light comes and with it show’rs
from the ground, spring forth the flowers
feeling good you sprint the miles
now life is good and all is smiles

then the heat is on your back
you have to push to run the track
more behind you running fast
before too long they will have passed

and as you slow into a crawl
but yet you stumble into fall
as those you raced slow and still
in your bones there grows a chill

your hair greys and eyes grow dull
your face is but a living skull
your heart ceases to make a sound
and so they lay you in the ground

and for a season we will mourn
until, with spring, the child is born…

what happens when one poet sets a challenge for another

by sunovawot & damommza

i’ve come up with odd lines, i know it
but really i wonder if i can go
one drunken night
as far as to write
“scaramouche, will you do the fandango?”

When listen’n to Mercury’s solo
and trying to dance by it so slow
put the drink down
cease fooling around
and stop waltzing and just do the tango!