let me heer yoo sing

if we aynt heer 4 lolz
wot we doin heer
if we carnt L.O.L.
ai’m goin 4 a beer

we aynt heer 4 vidyoes
GIFz doent meen a fing
giv uz owr old siet bak
or lissen tu uz sing


wer wood we see anni
teh fastest of uz awl
if nott 4 owr lolcats
wood shee be heer at awl


PB, AP adn MC
adn mennymenny uvverz
ar ownlee heer becaws
weer awl lolcat luvverz


ICHC lissen
weer tri-in tu be playn
keep tu teh capshunz
or yoo wont see uz agayn


cum on awl yoo peeplz
mayk teh welkin ring
tiem tu spred owr messij
so let me heer yoo sing

chorus tu fayd

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1 Comment

  1. CatMadinWestYorkshire

     /  October 7, 2011

    Well sayed! Aifinkso fur shure! 🙂 LOLcats rool!


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