on teh ockayshun of a KC Cheezmeet

if ai cood be tehre ai coodnt so insted ai rit yoo a pome

if ai cood trabel az ai wood
ai wood be teh passin breez
if ai cood be a surten feelin
ai wood be a sense of eez
if ai cood gift yoo az ai wood
ai wood giv yoo evvryfing
if mai joi cood carry toons
yoo wood eeven heer me sing
butt awl ai am iz heer
adn we noe weel neber meet
thoe thaz juss a passin sorroe
doent tihnk it a defeet
if owr hanz wil neber tuch
stil owr spiritz sor liek burdz
adn weel haz tu do shayrin
froo teh meedyum of owr wurdz

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  1. damommza

     /  October 14, 2011

    …adn wons agyn yoo proov taht yoo iz teh powet law reat uf awl teh cheezpland wif dis tuching adn wunnermus powem. Ai haz a shamwow moe mint ifinkso.

    • ai didnt noe tiss ai’d put up teh orijinul vershun wer teh lass lien red “froo teh meedeeum of owr wurdz” ravver tahn teh edited vershun wer it reedz “froo teh meedyum of owr wurdz” wich maykz it floe bettur – meed yum insted of meed ee um. stil iz edited nao πŸ˜€

  2. damommza

     /  October 14, 2011

    *2 fums uppity* πŸ™‚

  3. damommza

     /  October 15, 2011

    ai wyll meet yoo in teh verbs
    ai wyll meet yoo in teh nowns
    tehy may nawt b teh saem as
    reely meetyng in teh towns
    teh floofy paw ai gibs yoo
    iz az reel az reel cna b
    wehn deer fwends kom tugever
    we wyl meet in powetry

  4. lupinssupins

     /  October 15, 2011

    Sunovawot, This is yet anuvver sweet an’ tutching poym! I hope my cawmint on da Cryer’s fredd izzn’t too kibbitzy, it’s jus’ that this remines me muchly of da syndroam of de Ashen Burgers in my famblee.

    Damommza, ai lubs yoar responses, two [yoar responses free, ackshully;-] When ai read ur own poe ettic respawnse, I immejetly heard it to the toon of Amurrica’s Sister Goal Den Hare Surprise [at least until your last 2 lines ware da sillablols were not a match] — Was the similarity ur intenshun, or was dat jus’ my own interpretayshun?

    • ai replied tu yoor commint on teh Cryer, ai’m nott reely shoor wot teh praktickul diffrunse wood be tween a dyagnosis of Soshul Faux beer adn Ashyburgerz Sindroem. πŸ™‚

    • damommza

       /  October 15, 2011

      OHAI!! Fankies her teh kompliment! Ai hda tu reed yoor komment wifakwikness to under stayn teh “Sister Golden Hare” ehn ai lafted cuz ai knu waht sawng dat wuz. No, ai did nawt rite it tu teh toon uf taht sawng. It wuz yoor inerpretayshun ifinkso! :-))

  5. lupinssupins

     /  October 15, 2011

    Of course they are not the same thing, and Asperger’s covers a wide variety of social behaviors and anxieties. So not all Aspies would be socially phobic, but some would be extremely nervous in new settings with new people. And an occasion where the setting, time of day, people, social protocols and foods [about all of which Aspies can be extremely routine-driven and change-phobic] are ALL new and unfamiliar can provoke extreme anxiety and even “meltdowns.” Hence my son’s therapist prescribing a low-dose anti-anxietal, which has helped enormously. Of course, B’s conversations are often still strings of non-sequiturs, stilted & formal vocab. And he often seems to have a flat affect, tho the idea that Aspies LACK “normal” emotions is false– they can often be bottled up and differently expressed, but they definitely exist– [even tho many of them relate strongly to Spock and Data.] He & I can be painfully shy, but any fears we have are often about even merely reaching out socially– if someone else reaches out to US, we are often grateful for someone to “end-run” our quasi-phobias for us, b/c we WISH to have friends. I would love to be, and for my Aspie son, to be as sociable, chipper and outgoing as my “neuro-typical” son, who seems to make friends, and good ones, almost effortlessly. On the other hand, that son cannot HANDLE alone time very well at all, and it, in contrast crowds of strangers that unnerve B & me, he becomes unnerved if he has no place to go or “peeps” to “hang out with.” For him, all alone time is lonely time, whereas his brother & I are quite used to it and often prefer it to say, a crowded club or party. Salut! ~ LS

    • I appreciate they are different conditions which is why I said practical effect. At the moment, with my diagnosis, I take sufficient medication to allow me to live a semblance of a “normal” life, and, with no prospect of a cure, I have come to terms, as best I am able, with the “limitations” my condition impose on me. Were I to have to have Asperger’s the medication would, no doubt, be different as would the limitations imposed, but the lack of cure and the coming to terms would, I assume, be the same.

      • lupinssupins

         /  October 16, 2011

        Sorry, I did not mean to be didactic– of course you know they’re different conditions, tho with often similar practical effect in matters of social interactions & anxieties. And alas, you are right as well, that whatever meds are available merely address some of the symptoms, not the underlying causes, and do so w/ widely varying degrees of success [or lack thereof.] Of course, across cyberspace, I can only know you from your impressive blog & your witty repartΓ©e on ICHC, But from just that part of you that you share with us outsiders, I am in awe at how you you use your considerable poetic and linguistic talents to come to terms [and very eloquent terms, too] with your “limitations”! I’m glad your name linkee led me here. Given my son’s social awkwardness, I am grateful we live in an era where he, too, can create on-line connections with people all over the Web, who share his interests, because apart from that, he and I [& his judgmental “neuro-typical” brother] have not come to terms so successively as you seem to have done, with his particular syndrome. OK, I should step down from this medico-philosophico-sociologico discussion before I put my other foot in it.

    • No problem, I was afraid my initial comment had been too ambiguous hence the explanation behind my thinking. A problem I have noticed I have is that, with so little practise for a number of years, I have a tendency to over- or under-explain myself, and then to worry about if I have, and if doing so causes offence.


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