by damommza & sunovawot

ai yoosed tu haz a happytails
ebbery weher ai wnet
butt(!) naow ai’m so mush owlder
mai yoof iz awl butt(!) spent

teh fings taht yoosed tu b eezy
haz stahrted tu get hard
naow ai cna nawt tush teh floowr
ai need a “get yung” kard!

adn wehn ai taek mai goggles off
mai skyn iz smoove adn yung
butt(!) wehn ai put tehm bak on
ai’m rinkled az mai tung

mai teef aer getting snaggel lee
mai heerings getting dull
mai skin hsa bekom so thin
mai hed luks lyke a skull

iz nott taht ayjin bovverz me
ai’v cum tu turmz wif taht
if ai wunt tu keep mai hed warm
ai noe tu wer a hat

if ai wunt tu go owt warkin
ai noe tu tayk mai cayn
if ai need tu do sum finkin
fynd sumwun wif a brayn

butt(!) tehse ar awl such tynee fings
doent wurry me noe moer
wif ayj cumz compensayshuns
tu even up teh scoer

tehrez noe wun telz me wot tu do
adn hao ai shood be tihn
goin tu bedz a pleshur
adn gettin upz a win

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  1. damommza

     /  October 19, 2011

    Ai LUBS tihs!!!!! It maed me *snerk* adn *snort* adn mebbe *splort* frum teh laffin!!

    • ai rote mai bit in “Notepad” adn transfurd it tu teh comment bockz on teh “Stuff” payj wer ai mayd a tynee edit (“telz me wot tu eet” becaym “telz me wot tu do”) ownly ai didnt edit teh Notepad vershun wich ai put heer, so tahtz wai tihs haz been edited aftur po sting. STN 😀

  2. damommza

     /  October 19, 2011

    Pleeze tu korrect anee uf mai LOLish cuz ai kno tehre aer wurds taht shuld b spelled bet her!

    Ai lubs it. Ai reely reely do!! Iz funnee adn sew sew tru!!! :-))

  3. *long chuckles from over here in France*
    very good, very true…
    Hope this finds you both well… 😀

    • It finds me very well, thank you, and I hope you’re the same. This came about from a short conversation we had in cheezland. Talking about how relatively small things that would not have made much of an impression years ago, can be enough to brighten a day as you get older and values change.

      • *smiles* Thank’ee kindly, I’m fine after a long if better work day. I know what you mean. Win moments do reorganize on the priority list as time goes by… I think maybe because we take more time to appreciate them… 🙂

    • damommza

       /  October 19, 2011

      OHAI VIllow!! Glad to hear you have had a much better day at work! I was actually wondering how you were today. Sunovawot and I were having a conversation and, as frequently happens, it turned into a poem in no time! :-)) I’m glad it gave you a chuckle!

      • aww that’s sweet of you to think of me! yes, it was better today. I loved the poem – funny how a simple conversation can inspire something creative! 🙂

  4. Oww, wot a loberly poem, en zo tru!

  5. Ai red tihs late last nite wen Ai felted auld, butt(!) wen Ai redded it agin todae Ai faound it hilarious…wot a differenz a dae makez! Keep ’em comin!

    • fan q, iz becoz yoor owlder tahn yoo wer yesturdae, so yoor purse peck tiv haz chanjed 😆

    • damommza

       /  October 20, 2011

      OHAI CMWY!!! Ai so glad yu laffed! It wuz ‘posed tu b funnee. Wehn ai taek my goggles off, mai skyn luks liek a babbeh’s buttom! :-)))

  6. lupinssupins

     /  October 25, 2011

    Love this one– and feel it, too! ‘Speshly liked the “get yung kard” and “adn wehn ai taek mai goggles off/ mai skyn iz smoove adn yung”:-) Zis poyem reminds me of Pete Seeger’s ditty:

    How do I know my youth is all spent?
    My ‘get up and go’ has got up and went!
    Still through it all, I’m able to grin
    And think of the places my ‘get up’ has been!

    • damommza

       /  October 25, 2011

      I LOVE Pete seeger!! He lives right down the road from me and is alway giving free concerts at Vassar College and at the beacon Waterfront where he performs with his grandson! I’ve ssen him live at Lincoln Center and he looks the same as he did 40 years ago! :-))

      This poem was actually inspired by a conversation I had with sunovawot because I keep making typos and realized I needed new glasses. When I take them off and look in the mirror, boy do I look great! LOLOL Glasses coming in this week so ignore all typos! :-))

    • Thank you, as the truism goes ( and as the Seeger song says) old age sure beats the alternative 😆

  7. lupinssupins

     /  October 25, 2011

    Wow! Right down the road? I haz a N-V- us! I’ve never had the chance to see in person, but love his work since I first heard him on a record with Arlo Guthrie, whom I also love.
    [esp. b/c I, too, am in a Huntington’s risk famblee, and he and Woody’s widow have done so much for research and families dealing w/ the dreaded HD. I am so happy for Arlo that he seems past the age of being in the wrong side of the 50-50 risk. My mother used to get upset that someone whose father died of HD went on to have so many kids, but I know how important is to not let fear rule one’s irrevocable decisions. My 2 sons are now out of danger, and I cannot imagine my life if I had foregone having them, as many relatives did, only to become quite bitter once they found out they were HD-free, but all alone in their old age. …. oops, TMI on the fredd for a humorous poem..]

  8. damommza

     /  October 25, 2011

    I used to live in Rockland County where Arlo lived (and still does). I used to see him in Piermont singing in all the clubs. He has gotten old, very white (long white hair and beard) and rather large and looks like a large, friendly hobbit now. :-)) He had always said that he would never go for testing UNLESS his sisters wanted him to go and they all went. He tested negative but he had already had his children so their futures were already sealed, now he just unsealed them! 🙂 I remember when he announced his results (it was in the paper) and he said that he just never worried about it, went on with his life and now won’t ever have to worry about it again. I am very happy that you and your sons are past the point of this terible disease.

    Pete Seeger and his wife started the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater organization to protect the Hudson River and it’s tributaries. It’s in Beacon, NY and I am in Poughkeepsie, NY. He plays at all the fundraisers and goes over and sits on the greens at Vassar and plays there all the time. I live right by the Hudson River and he lives literally 10 minutes from me. 🙂


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