dark and stormy

it was a dark and stormy night
in the dying of the year
my minions were abroad
spreading misery and fear
and the taste of rising panic
sitting sweetly on my tongue
fed my anticipation
for the blood of the young
of those not yet corrupted
by the fickleness of fate
the choler and the bile
and the sourness of hate
and I dressed myself in shadows
as I set out on the chase
to gather up the losers
in the night’s unequal race
for who would stand a chance
not the living or the dead
if they should happen on me
when I have not yet fed


groe-in boi

yoo wont tu dodj teh cayk he sed
yoor gettin verry stowt
ai’m stil a groe-in boi ai sed
butt nao ai’m groe-in owt

what would I give

by damommza & sunovawot

what would I give to be 18
my life in front of me
I wouldn’t need my eyes at all
with my heart I could see

I wouldn’t need my legs to walk
on wings of youth I’d soar
time, forever, on my side and
there would always be more

what use to me, would be my arms
all is within my reach
I needn’t grasp for anything
I’d have several of each

no tongue to flap, there’d be no point
I’d have nothing to say
too busy doing what I want
and having my own way

but what a wasted dream this is
to cover long lost ground
better by far to forge ahead
to where the new is found

for that’s a river I’ve long crossed
I’ll not ford it again
it’s time to live in the right now
instead of in the then


by damommza and sunovawot

you are the fire that burns my soul
ignited in the dark
when first you touched me, I was cold
until I felt that spark

one tiny ember torched my heart
and became quite a blaze
while burning in the dead of night
my world became a haze

of endless fear that you would leave
my life would become ice
so I will never let you go
you have become my vice

I’ve hounded you and tracked you down
and sliced your tires through
what you have awakened in me
will now destroy us too

the fire you set within my heart
I feel the burning grow
I’ll catch you in my flaming grip
and never let you go

you thought that you could walk away
your promises untrue
if you will not return to me
then I must come to you

and call the Fires of Heaven down
with passion’s blazing spell
in truth before I’ll release you
I’ll see you burn in Hell


what’s the point in dragging on
you know I’ve got to go
you can act like it’s a surprise
but that really isn’t so
we’ve been faking it for so long
it’s way beyond a joke
there’s nowhere left to take it and
the heart of us is broke
we could try from here to christmas
but we couldn’t raise a spark
the light of love’s gone out and
we’re just flailing in the dark
so please accept I’m leaving
and you know that that is that
there’s no pleasure in the drinking
of champagne once it is flat


Jenny walked out while I was telling her a story
she couldn’t stick around to hear the happy end
Jenny had a rough day, she claim she had a rough life
Jenny couldn’t see that I was still her friend

Jenny stole my heart while I was looking elsewhere
Jenny I’d’ve given it, you only had to ask
now I’m all alone I need to steal it back again
Jenny I don’t think that I’m up to the task

Jenny when you held me it felt like I meant something
bodies close together and I knew that I was real
now my anchors gone I’m at the mercy of the tides
a thousand stupid poems couldn’t tell how bad I feel

Never start a song ‘less you want to hear the end of it
stopping half way through just leaves them hanging on
Jenny couldn’t sing but she knew about loving
Jenny what should I do now that I know you’re gone


i could cry but what’s the point
not a thing would change
if you heard me at all
you’d probably think it strange
why i can’t let you go
as easily as you did me
but i would have walked before
had i wanted to be free
of the chains of our love
or did you think it greed
while i was writing poems
were you fulfilling a need
well our story’s been told
what more’s left to say
me with broken heart
you wishing me “Good day”
and i’ll take my leave
with my upper lip stiff
while you can go to hell
i’ll go looking for a cliff


suited to the magic moments entropy then not a lie
push all thoughts of living slowly to the place where ideas die
i will call on you in passing, read the weather from your face
save your soul, you may yet need it, if you wish to access grace
force is never not the answer when it comes to who we are
leather clad, and looking feral, each of us must bear the scar
character should not be argued unless you’ve seen the masterplan
many times i took the wrong fork to avoid my fellow man
and i have this here for you a tiny piece of what we made
wear it soft and treat it gently lest it’s message start to fade
you can look to see how we fought and you hope it left no trace
costumes worn when we were younger would not fit now, in any case
so we’ll take a quiet morning, just to get our stories straight
then we’ll bow to all those watching, as they tell us we were great

scarlet eyes

scarlet eyes and dripping smiles
i could eat you like a peach
set before me and behind me
and i’ll take a peck of each
back into my arms and quiver
take a moment not to think
out before the walls of heaven
i can feel your spirit sink
salivating for my master
merits worn upon my cap
i will ask and be forgiven
and i’ll curl up on your lap
all the powers i’ve been granted
all the words you never spoke
i will join you in your exile
to perform my masterstroke
nothing ever was that simple
in the days that people cared
fortunes spent on our appearance
should those fortunes have been shared
walk the last few steps together
gather at the edge and sing
why should i return in glory
when you gave me not a thing


demagogues you don’t impress us
we’ve been here before you know
waving words around like bludgeons
will not help your status grow

new ideas are what’s required
originality’s the way
take a leap into tomorrow
leave behind us yesterday

give us something we can cleave to
fresh ideas that scintillate
words of hope instead of failure
reason to embrace our fate