the point

i look ahead what do i see
more and more and getting worse
until i take my final ride
in some broken down old hearse

so what’s the point i ask myself
in trying to make another plan
when every single day i know
will end up worse than it began

i have no faith in horoscopes
or pleas addressed to ancient gods
the world is merely as it is
i have no spell to beat the odds

what then for me, i ask myself
if life is thus why do i stay
the simple answer is for such
pleasures as may come each day

a well loved song, a well thumbed book
a joke i’ve never heard before
the little tricks that all lives play
not knowing what’s behind the door

a puppy’s yelp, a kitten’s purr
a summer breeze that’s here and gone
a stranger’s smile, a friendly word
for these and more i’ll carry on

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  1. Clappitee Clappitee !!!

  2. damommza

     /  November 2, 2011

    What Lawah said! πŸ˜€ and don’t forget to add to this tome..another day, another poem…

    It’s pretty hard to do an 8/8/8/8 count. You did that quite nicely! Me Likey!

    • The first verse is a pretty standard 8/7/8/7, then for some unknown reason I changed it. Had I been counting, I would probably have dropped the “in” from the second line, and the “up” from the fourth line of the second verse, to replicate the rhythm of the first, and so on… πŸ˜†

  3. So true, how the little pleassure and friends give us courage, thanks for this! πŸ™‚ Does anyone know ” song for the man from Auvergne” (“Chanson pour l’Auvergnat”) by Georges Brassens?
    I”ll try to make a translation of it for you, the theme is similar.

    • Thank you, it’s an old, but not yet used up, idea that when you have no control over the large things in life you must take pleasure in the small πŸ˜€
      My knowledge of Georges Brassens extends to an English language version of his “Le Gorille” called “Brother Gorilla” by the late, and to my mind great (and very funny), English folk singer Jake Thackray πŸ˜€

  4. Once again, thank you, both. When I first started reading this one, my first thought was how negative the feelings were, but then you feel the heart softening and the mindful attitude changing to the more positive…hopeful… I really enjoyed this one, too!!

    • I started this one with the intension of finishing on a positive note, (which I don’t always, more often I will let a poem go where it wants to). but in the end it says what I wanted it to, even if all the positives are not to my taste πŸ˜€


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