by damommza & sunovawot

The most lovely and admired
world event is yet to be
women will be inspired to
lust for all this luxury

sure the flowers will be pricey
and the band have a quite a fee
but the guests that are invited
all in awe will look at me

i’ll be bathed in yards of white tulle
wear a veil 40 feet long
and when I am walked down that aisle
their hearts will burst in to song

it really will not matter just
how deep in the hole I fall
though some say “keep your savings now”
i say “hell, lets spend it all”

now this wedding will be gorgeous
to rival all the royals
and to those who say I’m crazy
you really are the spoils

though I’ve planned this since a small child
cut out pictures by the score
now to have this fancy shindig
I just need ONE small thing more

if I could just find me a man
one who will not spoil the show
someone tall and darkly handsome
then I’ll be all set to go

but ’til now my luck is horrid
all the men I know too rough
you would think for someone like me
finding men should not be tough

in the end I might just have to
hire a model to stand in
as long as he could play his part
I’d call that a partial win

might be nice to have a husband
some of my friends think I should
but sticking with only one man
not sure any are that good

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  1. Damommza

     /  November 6, 2011

    *giggle* I love it and it’s SO true! 😀 😀

  2. Damommza

     /  November 6, 2011

    *double giggle*

  3. Damommza

     /  November 6, 2011

    *looks like the most innocent kitteh on earth* 😀

  4. ROFL. This is true for some women, I will agree. 🙂 (Personally I cannot fathom such a veil, I’d probably get tangled in it and die of suffocation.) As for the end… the thing is that a lot of us just are not in the right place at the right time to meet the right person, I guess. C’est la vie… :/

  5. *Giggles (out loud)* I rest my case! Couldn’t have said it any better than you two! And that, my friends, is why I’m single now and will probably remain that way! LOL!!

    • damommza

       /  November 7, 2011

      LOL!! I’ve been single..and I”ve been married and I’ve been single and I’ve been married. 😈 😀

      • Same here, damommza…and I think I’ve had enough. I’ll just keep my dogs and cat – they love me unconditionally and they don’t argue or mimmick, roll their eyes, etc. Life is good!


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