by damommza & sunovawot

whose bones are these
they cannot say
washed white by waves
bleached by the sun

whose voice once laughed
who danced and sang
whose life on earth
was not yet done

half buried down
where water’s still
and prying eyes
will never run

someone awaits
to be released
revenge is sweet
I’ll have my fun

one silent voice
in darkest night
and I’m released
the grave undone

and what for me
beyond that point
have I a plan
when freedom’s won

on wind I’ll fly
wrapped in my rage
and through the night
my senses run

and I will know
him by his fear
when I can taste
all that he’s done

he swore me joy
he swore me love
he swore summer
then stole the sun

a one act play
that was my life
yet so much more
I could have done

and this I swear
before I’m through
he’s bound for Hell
where e’er he run

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  1. *nods* very good… and vengeful. Yeth. 🙂

  2. Wundermuss!
    Ai alwais wunder wen dey fynds bones….
    whu dey wus wen dey wus alive..
    Wus dey nyce adn sunwun missed dem….
    oar were dey hogribbul adn eberiwun wus glad dey wus gone?

    • damommza

       /  November 12, 2011

      Fang Q lawah! We wuz in a spooky mood todai ifinkso! Ai wuz at teh beech adn wachin teh waevs adn finkin “Ai wunda iz tehers anee bones unda tehre sumweer adn got teh sppokafyed adn daz haow tihs powem wuz bawn! 😀

    • me, ai juss do wot damommza tels me 😈


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