catastrophe and consequence

what I am I muttered in a voice that none could hear
I’ve been abused by mountebanks shuddering with fear
cause and effect abandoned to the vagaries of fate
I’ll take another path, I thought, if it is not too late
and I struggled with the concepts that once I had been taught
what use are all such fripperies when truth itself is bought
and the swords we left behind us when we were promised peace
would need to be recovered if we were to seek release

catastrophe and consequence we’ve lived with them thus far
and I can play the idiot like “Slowhand” plays guitar
but what and where and why and who the questions always rise
don’t care how bright your smile is when you’re under stormy skies
I’m shattered by the pounding of the hammers in my head
there must be better options but all I know is dread
and hopelessy I wander back to where I saw it last
in hopes there maybe exits buried somewhere in the past

and all the stories that I’d told I gathered in one place
and all my fellow sufferers I struggled to embrace
crazy as I was I couldn’t take a second chance
though I had bought a ticket I wasn’t welcome at that dance
and coolly they reminded me there’s nothing I could do
but for one giddy moment I thought of asking you
for though I know you’ve suffered well what is that to me
when you have such lovely eyes and I know that you can see

houses cars and jewellery I’ve rid myself of greed
I’m bound within my body and I feel no urge to breed
I’ve seen as much as any man could wish to in his life
I’ve had my share of calmness and an army’s worth of strife
I’ve walked out in the middle more often than I’ve stayed
walked the paths of righteousness and deliberately strayed
but in the end it comes down to only you and me
and the price we’re willing to pay to ensure we are free

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  1. Damommza

     /  November 12, 2011

    I believe that, of all the poems you have written thus far, this one is the best. It’s extremely well written, filled with depth and emotion and flows beautifully. Kudos on this one. It’s excellent!

    • Thank you, it was one of those poems that just flows, and so requires comparatively little editing to get it into a state I was happy with.

  2. Damommza

     /  November 12, 2011

    The third stanza requires multiple re-readings because it is so good. I take away a new piece each time I read it. πŸ™‚

  3. *smiles* I must agree with damommza, this is definitely one of your best. Bravos! and encores! from across the Channel. πŸ™‚

  4. Great rhythm, great words, great depth

  5. Damommza

     /  November 12, 2011

    I think the harder someone works on writing, the less effective the results are. Some of my poems are forced. They flow but only because I make them. Others have a natural rhythm and those are the ones I think are the best. This poem has that natural flow, as if it all came out in one thought, not in several sentences. It has a storytelling quality that has emotion and depth and, very importantly, keeps the reader’s interest. πŸ˜€

    On the road and 560 miles from home. πŸ™‚

  6. I am rarely, at the best of times, more than a line of composition ahead of what I’m typing, which, when a poem flows like this one, is fine, any little problems can be sorted out in the editing process (the first verse, for instance, was originally written in the second person rather than first πŸ˜€ ). But it does mean that when it isn’t going smoothly you can end up spending a lot of time in corners and dead ends, and working out which is which πŸ˜†

  7. Damommza

     /  November 12, 2011

    *gets broom to sweepsweepsweep sunovawot out of the dead ends* πŸ˜€


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