the seed

i took a mighty monstrous leap
found myself crumpled in a heap
no longer could i evade sleep
another wasted day

i found myself ‘neath skies of grey
and having nothing left to say
i stood and said it anyway
and every word was true

i shared my thoughts with others who
i hoped would know just what to do
but they were useless just like you
of course you don’t agree

the answer when it came to me
caused me to caper round with glee
with this we could be truly free
or so the omens read

and so i rested my sweet head
while all the pointless words were said
to mollify the restless dead
no further would they go

and thus it was that even though
i’d nothing but a seed to show
yet from that seed a world would grow
where we could embrace peace

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  1. anom. 🙂 I like this very much!!!
    “I stood and said it any way” …. and “anyway”?


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