suited to the magic moments entropy then not a lie
push all thoughts of living slowly to the place where ideas die
i will call on you in passing, read the weather from your face
save your soul, you may yet need it, if you wish to access grace
force is never not the answer when it comes to who we are
leather clad, and looking feral, each of us must bear the scar
character should not be argued unless you’ve seen the masterplan
many times i took the wrong fork to avoid my fellow man
and i have this here for you a tiny piece of what we made
wear it soft and treat it gently lest it’s message start to fade
you can look to see how we fought and you hope it left no trace
costumes worn when we were younger would not fit now, in any case
so we’ll take a quiet morning, just to get our stories straight
then we’ll bow to all those watching, as they tell us we were great

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  1. Beautiful. I love this, the images. :’)

  2. damommza

     /  November 25, 2011

    “leather clad and looking feral..worn softly”..I second that with a YESH YESH YESH…great imagery, last line always packs the punch! 😆 😆


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