casting out my welcome i bid you come on in
we’ll share a bite of supper and a noggin full of gin
we’ll tell each other stories of the brightest days of old
when our hearts were full of vigour and our spirits running bold
then let us take a wander beneath a storyteller’s moon
we can carve our names and bind them with a lover’s rune
and if the night should finish before our will is done
we’ll call upon the old gods to bind the very sun
and this i promise you when all our words are said
we will be together ’til the earth itself is dead


New Year Thoughts

calendars are marked
each mark a tiny footstep
from where we began
up to our final rest

may every mark you make
be blessed with love and laughter
may every step you take
lead you to your goals

and should you take a step
that leads you into darkness
may you find a friend
to guide you back again

Happy 2012


for villow

shallow breaths and swearing
I can get this done
the weight may be soul crushing
it’ll never pass for fun
but somehow I will manage
the rigours of the day
I’ve never yet been beaten and
that’s how it gonna stay

there are so many reasons
why I could still be lost
but sometimes you must fight on
regardless of the cost
I’ve not yet reached my limit
though it’s been close I know
each time that I get knocked down
I’ll get back up and go

Xmas Noir

it was cold and I was tired and I couldn’t give a damn
despite your pretty words I knew it was a sham
I was five years old and I’d been through bloody hell
I still had lurid nightmares of that damned “Speak and Spell”
and now you stood before me with that superior air
two years older than me and pretending you don’t care
well I had been to play school and come back on my feet
I had faced potty training without missing a beat
and here you stood before me trying to make me cry
but when you said that there’s no Santa I knew it was a lie

a watched pot never boils

I’m standing in the doorway
tapping both me feet
not in the mood to relax
can’t bring myself to eat
if that postman doesn’t
turn up in a tick
I swear I’m going to kill him
then give his arse a kick
I’m stuck until he gets here
can’t finish up my work
so I’m left here stewing
and feeling like a burk
and don’t it always happen
when caught in waiting’s coils
some bugger up and tells you
a watched pot never boils


cry yourself some tears boy
you’re down and falling fast
take what you are offered
and try to make it last
ignore the angry questions
refuse to make a sound
try to find some padding
before you hit the ground

the ghosts of old encounters
are there for you to pick
but that’s not where you’re heading
the past will never stick
smile as you are passing
though you’re no longer high
and whatever happens
don’t let them see you cry

dying embers

we strode the world wrapped in our armour
love, alone, served as our shield
we could face the direst prospect
nothing in this world could make us yield

then you left and I discovered
pain can’t feed a lover’s heart
once you gave and broke your promise
fixing what you ruined is beyond my art

where can I go in my sorrow?
is there a drug can make me numb?
what is left when I am broken?
will my torment’s surcease never come?

once our love burned like a beacon
flames of our love touched the sky
now I’m left with naught but mem’ries
of watching once bright embers finally die


a sallow smile
a bloodless grin
your face is pale
and drawn and thin
through tearshot eyes
you strive to see
what point to try
you can’t break free
a heartfelt call
you seek a friend
if none reply
you can pretend
as once did i
when you had me
and how i prayed
then to be free
it’s your turn now
the end is near
and you know what
it is to fear

swimming ‘gainst the tide

corporate identities worn close to the heart
though you couldn’t stand alone if you tried
you need exercise to build up your strength
it’s time to try swimming ‘gainst the tide

if you really want to be living your own life
when it’s offered refuse to take the ride
even if you have to buy some water wings
it’s better to be swimming ‘gainst the tide

many things have value of many different kinds
but forget money, the greatest one is pride
it doesn’t come gift wrapped, with a pretty bow
it comes when you are swimming ‘gainst the tide

you can circle your wagons, batten hatches down
you can always run and try to hide
but in the end you have to make up your own mind
whether to go swimming ‘gainst the tide

the other shoe

the past is close behind me
i think it’s caught my scent
i have to keep on moving
though i am almost spent
the wish is still the father
of the man it’s said
sometimes i catch myself
in wishing i were dead
but that would serve no purpose
in this suckers game
where rewards are given
to those who know no shame
and i must keep on moving
you know i cannot stop
that would leave me waiting
for the other shoe to drop