coward i’ve been called and i will not deny
bravery’s for fools and i’m not that
i’ve nothing that i value above my craven hide
when the bullets fly you’ll find me lying flat

money or my life? here you can take my cash
anything to avoid a lethal row
a coward dies a thousand deaths i’ve heard it said
i’m working on my second thousand now

break my favourite toy, insult my family
it doesn’t matter i wont take offence
call it gutless, wimpish, yellow, anything you like
but me, i only call it commonsense

so here’s my fervent plea to the blackguards and suchlike
if we meet along the trail some evil day
you wont need a knife, a gun or anything
just tell me what you want, i’ll say okay

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  1. He who fights doesn’t fight and runs away lives to run away another day!


  2. damommza

     /  December 4, 2011

    unless I am walking with my friend here
    see, she doesn’t put up with a lot
    if you start a fight with her you’ll pay dear
    so beware you scurvy little snot!

    if I were you I’d turn around and go
    before she catches you with her eye
    she has made so many grown men whimper
    one look and men have been known to die

    some say she is a witch or a demon
    others say she has good fashion sense
    whatever dark magic powers she has
    it clearly just adds to the suspense

    if you see us walking round the corner
    and your mind is filled with bad intent
    commonsense should tell you time to flee son
    this woman’s more than equally bent!


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