a nyoo bebbeh

tihs catmuss wot ai wont iz a bruvva or a sista
coz ai iz awl alown wen yoo goze tu yoor pleh wurk
ai kan run upndown ai kan sleeep or eet mai kibble
butt in teh end teh ownly fing ai seem tu do iz lurk

ai wontz sumwun tu plae wif
awl teh tiemz yoo iz awae
sumwun tu kurl adn sleep wif
froo teh long adn loanly dae

iz nott tuu mush tu ask ai doent fink taht ai iz greedee
ai pwomiss ai’l eeven shayr mai fayvrit gushy fud
adn ai’l shayr yoor lap adn mai toiz adn beesiedz
a nyoo fur bebbeh’l prolly help wen yooz in a mood

we needz a nyoo bebbeh
won of owr verry own
coz sumtiemz ai get scayrd
wen ai iz awl aloen

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  1. Awww !! @@@@@ burgers, Sun 😆

  2. I’ll second Poussniboi here! sweet… poor liddlol kitteh all scared alone, makes me want to pick him up and keep him all safe…
    Get this cat a pal for Xmas!
    lol. Love it, S.

  3. Well ifn yu doan git littlol loanly kitteh a nue brudder oar sista
    Yu mite end up gitting a flyin kitteh karate chop rite on yur keesta!!

    Grate pohm Sun!! xoxoxo

    • Fan Q, butt ai fink s/he woz trai-in teh big eyez adn teh soleful luuk nawt sekund, teh vy o’lens cums layter 😆

  4. damommza

     /  December 7, 2011

    Sush cyoot kommints! (maii faborit kynd uv mint!) Ai lubs tihs powem, it gabe me a littlol teeree ai. Maii kitteh haytes uver kittehs sew tihs wuld nebber wurk in maii howse butt(!) maii goggie wuz lownlee adn we adop ted anuvver goggie tu keep himz happee. Naow we haz fwee happitails ifinkso!

  5. fanx, lass yeer ai rote a pome cawld “a crismus list”, ( https://sunovawot.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/a-crismus-list/ ) adn ai woz finkin bowt taht, if teh kitteh got dopted wot wood it want tihs crismus, adn ai caym up wif tihs (adn ai got a teeree ey ritin it) 😀

  6. damommza

     /  December 7, 2011

    Ai hazza sudjeshun..is it possible to also file your poems by subject matter and by lol vs regspeak? I would love to be able to read all of your Xmas poems at once, all of your relationship ones, evil ones, lolspeak ones etc. I know it would be hard to classify some of them but maybe just the major themes? I think some get lost in the months that they are listed and can be easily overlooked. 😀 😀

    • I know there is a way to apply tags, I just don’t know what it is yet, I’ll have to have a look, thanks for the suggestion 😀

  7. Awwww….poor likklol kitteh..teh hawse beh big adn emptee adn skaree!

  8. Upfi

     /  December 7, 2011

    *bawls laik a bebbeh*

    Sorry. Nuffink to see here. Move along, pweeze, move along. *honk, sniffle*
    Oh mai.

    Sunovawot, do u have a kitteh?

  9. lupinssupins

     /  December 10, 2011

    Oh, ai berry mush lubs zis poyem! An aye berry wish my chatte cadette, la doyenne of our household, wood share dis wishful kitteh’s sediments! Az eye tyep, ai is snuggling my own sleeping nyoo bebbeh kitten, whom I res queued 6 weekweekweeks ago, from herz a band in mint [my leest faborit kynd ub mint!!] inna woods. Her am so cozy and cyoot, curled up on my arm, in front of my keyboard. She has imprinted herzelf on me, aifinkso– she followz me eberyware! But aifinkso also that she misses her mamacat and sibkits [who were nowhere to be seen in the woods over more than a week’s time], because she will NAWT lieb our CFO [chief feline officer] alone and takes NO hints that a bebbeh sister is NAWT on HER Catsmus list! Nyoo bebbeh keeps chasing & trying to “rassle” or nose boop wif Big Sissy [who is 9 years old & very set in her ways], and Big Sissy growls, hisses an batbatbats her loud objections, to no avail. So for an urly [and unwelcome] Kitsmas pressie for bebbeh Pearl, I gave her a collar wif a jingle bell onnit, so she can’t sneak up on First Lady Cat, Feckless. An I gave Feckless a cat cube to get some “walls” between her and the hyper newbie, along wif lots of extra snuggles & lap time so she knows she’s still our head of household. Ai noo Feckless wanted to be our only furrbaby [we’ve known each other since before she was born:-], but could not leave this frenly, needy, dehydrated babycat alone inza woods wif winter coming! Fecks will come around, aifinkso; they have already napped on the same rug and couch a few times [at opposite ends, ob coarse!] So ai haz a hopeful!

    • Adn ai ekko yoor hoepz for yoor kittehz, adn fan Q for shayrin yoor, hart-warmin, storee, it brytenz up a dizmal caturdae affernoon 😀


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