swimming ‘gainst the tide

corporate identities worn close to the heart
though you couldn’t stand alone if you tried
you need exercise to build up your strength
it’s time to try swimming ‘gainst the tide

if you really want to be living your own life
when it’s offered refuse to take the ride
even if you have to buy some water wings
it’s better to be swimming ‘gainst the tide

many things have value of many different kinds
but forget money, the greatest one is pride
it doesn’t come gift wrapped, with a pretty bow
it comes when you are swimming ‘gainst the tide

you can circle your wagons, batten hatches down
you can always run and try to hide
but in the end you have to make up your own mind
whether to go swimming ‘gainst the tide

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  1. damommza

     /  December 27, 2011

    You are just too good. Great poem and as always, challenge point goes to you! 😀 😀

    • Thank you, with this poem, because I decided on the format first, there was no ending as such to aim at, so it was written more or less linearly 😀

      • damommza

         /  December 27, 2011

        I’m hiding the next title deep in my branium. I think you sneak in while I am sleeping and steal it so you get a head (pun intended) start! *snerk*

        • The problem with writing poetry, or any other format I suppose, lies not in the mechanics of writing, but in finding something to write about, and, so far, the titles you have given me have suggested a subject 😀

  2. damommza

     /  December 27, 2011

    *puffs out chest, gets swelled head..weight of big head causes me to tip over..SPLAT* 😈

  3. “comes in, serves tea on lace-covered tray, waits for the next round*
    Excellent! and very true indeed.
    Reminds me of Frost…
    Crumpets? Jam?

    • Tea and crumpets, how civilized, thank you 😆
      I’m not a great poetry reader so I’ll take your word for it 😀

      • damommza

         /  December 27, 2011

        I suggest reading Dr. Suess for some fine poetry reading! 😀 😀

        • I shall take that under advisement 😆

          • damommza

             /  December 28, 2011

            I will read Suess on a log
            I will read Seuss in a bog
            I will read Suess in a house
            I will read him to a mouse
            I will read him, yes I will
            Till I get my rhyming fill! 😀 😀

            • I may read Seuss in a hole
              I may read Seuss up a pole
              I may read Seuss in a while
              I may read Seuss in some style
              I may read Seuss to a lord
              I may read Seuss ’cause I’m bored 😆

              • damommza

                 /  December 28, 2011

                you may read him in a hole
                you may read him to a vole
                you may read him to a cat
                you may read him on a mat
                read Dr. Suess, that’s the plan
                He’s a poet but you’re “da man”


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