please ignore my weakness
and ignore too my dread
it shouldn’t be surprising
no matter what i’ve said
and if i take a step too far
get lost in my own mind
there are many routes to heaven
if i seek i may yet find
now i think a summer breeze
could carry me away
i seem to have no substance
and no desire to stay
but charming as the picture is
it doesn’t float my boat
i’ve had too many compromises
shoved right down my throat
hold me close and kiss my cheek
and whisper your goodbyes
but please ignore the tears
that are streaming from my eyes
they were never meant for you
you’ve got your youth and health
and if truth were ever known
i’m only sorry for myself



by damommza & sunovawot

ascend the stage, they wear their shields
carrying weapons, hands take flight
music comes, to those who listen
illuminating dark of night

songs of valor, songs out outrage
tales of darkness, legends unfold
notes that captivate your heartstrings
freeing your soul from bitter cold

to your feet, standing ovation
and then another set begins
transported back to foolish youth
when you were free of all your sins

innocence you wore so light then
compromises you’d not yet made
life’s betrayals yet to stab you
and life’s illusions yet to fade

as you grew so too the music
grew to mirror a changing life
singing of those golden moments
reflecting your heartaches and strife

that’s the beauty of the music
mirrors the past, heralds the new
though it speaks to many millions
you’d swear it’s written just for you


lose a little faith, what’s the cost, what does it matter?
turn and look behind you, it’s a different country there.
what we once beheld cannot be forgot forever,
I will do my damnedest to try to make you care.

will you hold my hand if I should whisper of my terror?
storm clouds gather over, casting shadows in the night.
all we once believed to be the heart and soul of honour,
has been ground to flinders and washed out of our sight.

sometimes I could pray for you to see the truth unvarnished,
nothing that we did was ever meant to hurt.
now they’ve thrown us down, from the heights that we ascended,
do we look less threatening if we’re scrambling in the dirt?


jennifer i asked
where were you while i was working
what was there before us
when our children sang the blues

cold enough to speak
words that held my deepest feelings
jennifer you rose up
and held me to my bond

choruses can sing
shades of all that we’re embracing
jennifer you came here
to do the darkness proud

why was it so long
between the chapters of our story
jennifer you smiled
then led me to your bed

jennifer i dreamt
of all reasons that i failed you
though you never blamed me
i could see my own fault

a pretty face

devastation wears a pretty face at times
it brought me down to ruins with a look
should I have held a shield gainst disaster
could I have blocked the liberties you took

when you were telling stories ’bout the future
I bought into the images you drew
I should have known your castles in the air were
never meant for me but just for you

turning somersaults to try and please you
had I been smart I would have said “Goodbye!”
somehow I let you bring me crashing to the ground
instead of love you taught me how to cry

there may come a day when I can look back
remember you without a stab of pain
if that ever happens then I hope that
I could have the strength to love again


o my beauty where will you be when the sky has turned to glass
will you mutter will you stutter will you hide in the long grass
is it a joke if we’re broke by the world and all it’s sins
do you know where to go when Ragnarök begins


a crazy winter drama on a crazy winter day
summer’s never here, when you need it
if you were someone else then maybe you would stay
but nothing ever grows unless you feed it
the coldness of your heart was only matched by
the coldness of your words when you were leaving
you wouldn’t even stay to watch a grown man cry
just left me in midst of my own grieving
now all we had is gone, crumbled into dust
it seems I gave you more than I could spare
I gave you my hand, my heart, and my trust
what a pity that you never learnt to share


by damommza & sunovawot

while we cannot escape the past
we can escape the present
turn towards the path that leads away
from where all memories lie

to tread on newly fallen leaves
where no man’s scent has touched
and look out past what can’t be changed
there breathes an open sky

where sunlight falls and beckons me
to dance alone in silence
and not hear the familiar strains
of my hopes as they die

what dream is this that I embrace
choices, once made, bind me still
though I would drown old voices out
I know that they still cry

this urge I have to rewrite time
break the chains I alone forged
was this my weakness all along
I never learnt to fly


as he ran through all the reasons why he was marching there
he could hear spectators grumble and the military air
and he rehearsed again the many choices he had made
that had brought him, at this juncture, to the heart of the parade

surely, he had reasoned, in the fever of his youth,
there must be one among us who can recognise the truth,
and having seen through falsehood with a penetrating eye
could educate the rest of us in how to spot a lie

but all were in confusion though none were standing still
to hold your ground regardless requires an act of will
it’s easier to follow the road where e’er it lead
if told they should be moving most will only ask “what speed?”

yet some of them, for their sins, had passed this way before
tipped their hats to ignorance and stumbled into war
and one or two stood forward with warnings cried aloud
“is death a price that you would pay to make your country proud?”

what use such pride, in any case, with a generation dead?
will it keep you warm at nights or see your children fed?
when generals and politicians call out in the god’s names
turn your back upon them and refuse to play their games


wot duz currayj meen ai haz hurd aksed
duz it cum from fambily or welf
iz it tu showt adn poosh peeplz rownd
or iz it in teh end tu be yoorself

wen uvverz wont tu tel yoo hoo yoo ar
pree skrybe teh wae yoor lief iz ment tu be
tehn currayj iz tu tayk a stand adn sae
noe mattur wot yoo fink ai wil be me