o my beauty where will you be when the sky has turned to glass
will you mutter will you stutter will you hide in the long grass
is it a joke if we’re broke by the world and all it’s sins
do you know where to go when Ragnarök begins

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  1. damommza

     /  January 25, 2012

    My knowledge of Norse mythology is woefully lacking but it has a nice flow! (I had to look it up) 😳 😀

    • actually it is interesting that the Norse have not had a flood yet…

    • Thanks, my knowledge is only casual, but I like Ragnarök, aka Götterdämmerung, because, unlike Armageddon, after all the death and destruction of men and gods and giants, the world starts again… 😀

  2. Short but pertinent and powerful… love it! 🙂

    • Thank you, it is what survives from a longer piece that was going nowhere, but I thought this section evocative so I kept it 😀


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