I never got to ask

tripping light and trembling
I shuddered to a halt
I took the blame for everything
though none of it my fault

he drew a gnarly pentagram
encompassing us all
so I asked him very carefully
which demons would he call

he spoke as in a rapture
and named some mother’s son
a piece of misdirection
we never saw the gun

yet it went off so quickly
I didn’t heard a sound
but for some unknown reason
I was lying on the ground

and I saw him smile that smile
that lovers know and dread
and I never got to ask him
why he shot me dead



kittehz wil be singin
insturmintz be playd
peeplz wil be marchin
in teh lolcat parrayd

joyn uz if yoo can do
tehrez plentee tu be seed
howrz of fun’n’ larfter
(no refundz, garranteed)


I have heard the old expression
and I think it very wise
I would so walk in your shoes
but I don’t think they’re my size
Instead I’ve got an idea
thinking outside the box
if I can’t fit in your shoes
instead I’ll try your socks


currij iz taht littul beest
hoo fynds a cornuh owt teh wae
adn lurkz until such tiem az it
iz needed tu sayv teh dae

currij iz a timmid fing
wayd down wif a lieftiemz cayrs
yool nott see it tehn wun dae
itz catchin bullitz adn resslin bayrs

currij iz a muvverz luv
taht holdz on tite til past teh end
adn luuks intu teh wurldzes eye
adn sez “Noe moer! Ai wil nott bend!”

for ttc and Casey

walz be bilt beetween uz
teerz blynd adn ai carnt see
wich wun of uz teh priznur
wich wun of uz iz free

ai carnt tel teh diffrunse
wif yoo nott bai mai sied
freedumz lozt itz meenin
awl ai can do iz hied

hied teh payn ai carree
pretend taht ai iz strong
keep mai teerz inturnal
thoe it feelz so rong

yett prizzunz nott for evvur
adn wun fing carreez me
wun dae weel be tugevvur
adn tehn weel bofe be free


Maria stole a song from heaven
dressed it up pretty colours
claimed it was her own creation
and sold it on to me

depths I saw were mere illusions
paintings done on glass to fool me
I embraced the lies she told me
held them to my heart

they say you cannot fool a wise man
but love will strip a man of wisdom
’til he believes his life has meaning
until it’s much too late

and as I slumbered all unknowing
Maria disappeared forever
certain that she had done all
that she could to me


Gracie what a gag, what a laugh, what a game
let me get my breath back, then let’s do it again
they never saw us coming, the shock of their lives
oh, but Gracie you’re an artist with your little knives

moon: a poem in two parts

part 1 by sunovawot

abroad in the light of a strangler’s moon
crazy some say, but my time’s coming soon
I can taste the surge of evil all around
thoughts take flight as bodies hit the ground
but it’s late, yes it’s late, though the moon’s still there
spreading lunacy on the cool night air

part 2 by damommza

When night is gone
and day is bright
I awake to
a horrid sight

6 fresh dug graves
somehow appeared
and there’s fresh dirt
ground in my beard

those damn neighbors
that noisy crowd
will never blast
Youtube so loud



o butt taht horse woz mad mad mad
ai juss roed him for a bet bet bet
adn if mai lukk aynt tu bad bad bad
ai’l leev teh horspitul yet yet yet


words softly spoken
pierce a veil of tears
a touch to remind me
of all the loving years
days when I feel like
all I have is grief
then words softly spoken
rekindle my belief