the prophet

all in all it serves me well
to crawl into your hindmost brain
pretend I’m just another drug
your doctor has prescribed

I can sell you prophecies
written in dead languages
that sadly it appears now
that only I can read

nothing you have seen before
is equal to the majesty
of all that I can bring you to
the visions i can show

and if alas there’s nothing more
that I can do to plumb the depths
just allow yourself to sink
and wave yourself goodbye

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  1. damommza

     /  February 8, 2012

    This is one of those poems that is absolutely perfect. It describes every guru, fanatical religious leader and modern day prophet I have ever read about or seen. Fantastic! 😀

  2. I read this yesterday and again today (a couple of times) and I still have an entirely different take on it from what you’re saying, damommza. Bear with me and read this poem again (don’t get me wrong…it’s excellent!!) but read it as if it’s a drug talking to a person who’s about to od. Tell me what you think.

    • damommza

       /  February 16, 2012

      Interesting take. I guess anything that you think will give you greater knowledge and is a false prophet; either a person, a drug, a belief, etc could fit. Nice catch on that!

    • I think the only problem I would have with that interpretation is that, although it’s effects may be, a drug is not, of itself, malignant, whereas my agent, “the prophet” is. However that is only an opinion, not a truth 😀


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