for the good times

lord forget me, seasoned laughter, for the good times, I can fly
life is nimble, taking liberties, sneak beneath your searching eye
want for nothing, mother’s ruin, silence bleeds into the night
cute offensive, doubt converted, ask yourself if you are right?

densely plotted, by the handful, what are these, if they’re not lies?
all I ask of you in passing, can I read truth in your eyes
simple men seek simple pleasures, corsets worn to ease the strain
dandified, by all that’s holy, gently waltzing in the rain

wonderous hours, walls were built then, day to day, though none yet strayed
in the mountains, where we tarried, questioned if we’d make the grade
I for an eye or so it’s mooted, cold as ice and drinking gin
bounty calls, cornucopia, this is where I stumbled in

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  1. damommza

     /  February 12, 2012

    AH!! You found al the phrases that weren’t in use! 😀 Some wonderful imagery there. Love the “I for an eye”,


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