little sweetheart

oh my little sweetheart
what a story what a lark
stealing through the nighttime
hiding horrors in the dark
i knew you were a terror
you couldn’t hide the truth
by the size of your claws
by the sharpness of tooth
but now you got to calm down
hide your bloodshot eyes
come on like mr smooth
you might yet get the prize
innocence is out there
ready to be caught
they really cannot deal with
creatures of your sort



take my advice and spend some time reflecting
on what you do and who you do it to
remember if the wind should change direction
it may end up them doing it to you


caught in other people’s fictions, painted as a fool
was there any background given, who deserves to rule
I could turn a million corners, tell a million lies
ignore what the voice is saying, read what’s in the eyes

let me teach the stories that we’re not supposed to tell
then the choice is yours to fly or crawl back in your shell
genuine disaster or manufactured blight
it doesn’t make a difference if they’re hidden from your sight

though daylight may be blinding the night can hide their sin
and fairness is a bugger if it lets the wrong one win
sects and drugs and visionaries profess to guide our fate
but all I know for certain is that when you’re dead you’re late

what better way

if I should take a moment to
immerse myself in thoughts of you
indulge myself in lover’s rhyme
what better way to waste my time

if I should reach out lover’s arms
fold to me my lover’s charms
with every breath sing lover’s praise
what better way to spend my days

if I should hold my lover’s heart
and swear that we will never part
always love and never strife
what better way to live a life

mai graytest frend (for 4point5kittehs)

fortz of yoo surrownd me
adn nebber seem tu seece
ai sit in sylent sorrowin
adn prae for sum releese
ai noe yoo had tu leev me
ai noe yoo had noe choyse
still ai long for wun moer tuch
tu heer wunse moer yoor voyce
wotz teh poynt in ennyfin
if yoor nott heer tu shayr
ai’m goin froo teh moe shunz
butt ai honestly doent cayr
stil ai muss moev on thoe
ai lost mai graytest frend
nao ai juss cownt teh moemintz
until we meet agen

mallishuss kompliantz!

ai aks teh chor be dun
awl ai get’z defiantz
adn if ai shood insist
mallishuss kompliantz!

ai noes yoo ar a bum
iz nott rokkit siantz
teh best taht ai can get
mallishuss kompliantz!

yoo sae yool get it dun
fiks teh borked appliantz
ai noe wot yoo meen iz
mallishuss kompliantz!

teh troof iz taht on yoo
tehre can be no reliantz
ai ‘spekt juss wot ai get
mallishuss kompliantz!

ignorance and innocence

I could tell you stories
of when the world was young
of ignorance and innocence
and songs so newly sung
of days fresh made of laughter
and dancing in the rain
I would give my share of heaven
to be there once again
but time has blunt my edges
my eyes too weak to see
the glory that we walked in
when we were truly free


I perch upon a rooftop
and watch you down below
throw caution to the wind and
follow as you go
where ever you are heading
I will be there too
my only purpose being
to watch over you
for I chose you as my quarry
and that will be your fate
I’ll cover you in roses
then bury you in hate

the cruel and crazy monsters

those cruel and crazy monsters
chased me through the trees
’til I was so exhausted
I collapsed to my knees
and I begged them and I pleaded
’til I’d near lost my voice
you don’t have to eat me
give me another choice
but the cruel and crazy monsters
shook their ragged heads
butchered me and ate me
then retired to their beds


tell us said I
and gave him the eye
how did you end up in this state
it’s really rather odd
I came with word of god
but all I seemed to get back was hate

I found the market square
and set up preaching there
but somehow it doesn’t make no sense
no-one listened I could tell
so I damned them all to hell
and for some reason they all took offence

and so I had to run
but now my story’s done
and I can tell just what you’re thinking
so curse you he cried
then lay down and died
and the rest of us carried on drinking