call me

up and at ’em boys he cried
play up! and play the game!
I’m going back to bed said I
and you should do the same

I have no time for fighting
the price is far too steep
so call me when it’s over
I’m going back to sleep


freedom (plus ├ža change…)

girl I sang you songs of freedom
you sang hypocrisy to me
I had lived so long on stories
there was a ghost where I should be

once I stood among the fighters
held my banner waving high
took the risks and damned the tyrants
sworn I would be free or die

in those days we strode like giants
took the plaudits as our due
who could blame us if we came to
believe all our legends true

let me tell you where we went wrong
take this lesson from a fool
we had thought we fought for freedom
seems we only fought to rule.

mai frend

he mae be slytlee raggee
adn hiz kullur iznt gud
he smelz a littul wiffee
adn heez neer az fik az wud
he duzznt do much tawkin
adn he haz noe eer tu lend
taht matturz nott at awl
he iz mai frend

tihs pome woz inspyrd bai a poest on Yesterdaze LOLz:


ai cood bild anuvver wurld
if tihs wun iz nott fit
wun wif noe sharp kornurz
tu hurt yoorselff in it
wer evvryfin iz pees adn luv
wif lotz of hugz adn such
butt wen ai fink abowt it
ai noe tahtz tu much
ai’m sorry butt teh troof iz
taht in tihs wurld tehrez payn
for evvry step yoo tayk up
tehrez anuvver down agayn
butt tihs mai wun troo prommiss
if yoor wayd down wif cayr
juss look arownd adn yool fynd
taht ai am awlwayz tehre

the amazing amorphous me

if i said the wrong thing
then let me explain
it’s not that i mean it
let me make that plain
i have no true feelings
opinions or views
my shape never fixed
responds to the news
and how i perceive
that it makes you feel
then whatever i say is
for that moment real

heart of sorrow

the truth is dull and shatters bones
and lies will leave you bleeding
before you take another step
you’ll see all hope receding
the warmth you knew in older days
now swamped by today’s fears
take a sip from my loving cup
and taste a mother’s tears
curse the course that brought you here
into the heart of sorrow
whisper goodbyes to those you love
for none will see tomorrow


by damommza & sunovawot

The road that leads to nowhere
runs circles in my mind
the gears just keep on clicking
with me, hoping to find

that once I climb the mountain
I will, finally, see
yet all I view are more hills
just waiting there for me

the wheels they keep on spinning
as I turn round the bend
but each road looks unridden
and each road has no end

I’m trapped inside this mindset
of who I’m forced to be
not looking at my shadow
afraid of what I’ll see

my eyes are on the future
and what I hope will be
if this journey ever ends
and I once more be free

so on I’ll go regardless
and face each road anew
and just to keep me moving
my love I’ll think of you

bossez (for SP)

o lawd ai’z wurkd for menny
butt lawd sayv me form tohse
hoo haz tu yoos tehir fingurz
tu cownt up awl tehir toze

tahtz wun… adn tu… adn for… adn elebenty…


shattered fell and damn the days end
weather worn and scarlet eyed
there upon his way he pondered
beguiling thoughts of suicide

there I met him lost and broken
crazy tales he spun that night
I beheld the worlds he painted
I beheld his soul take flight

none of these that now surround me
have a measure of his wit
I would dance to Hell’s own piping
just for one more taste of it

cordons made to hold off grieving
barriers of loss and pain
there upon a road untaken
I would talk to him again

years have gone and with them laughter
crises mark my path ahead
softly I will greet the morning
nightly I will greet the dead

despair the sin and loathe the sinner
specially if it’s you that sins
deal yourself or use a dealer
either way the table wins

so raise your flags salute your masters
what is life if not a game
you may march ‘neath martial banners
I refuse do the same


the gallows are too good for me
I’ve often heard it said
the world will be a better place
the moment I am dead
and I can see the hatred
in every passing eye
and just for that, you SOBs,
I’m never going to die