by damommza & sunovawot


in the heat and in the moment
when life and time stand still
do you hear my heartbeat pounding
while my breath is very shrill

does the anger leave your body
to be replaced by fear
is the running worth the leaving
can you say goodbye to here

as you run away so blindly
your sight veiled with hot tears
I need the words “I am sorry”
to finally reach my ears


you demand apologies
have you such arrant gall
when all you did was beat me down
and try to make me crawl

at last I broke the chain you forged
to hold me by your side
had I not found my liberty
my spirit would have died

so take these words and gnaw on them
to match what you gave me
a system full of acid bile
and a longing to be free



I tighten up my rage another notch and
marked by a nagging void I just can’t fill
I look toward the future and I swear that
all I’ll ever do I’ll do for ill

nothing you can say will change my purpose
circumstances alter cases though it’s said
the only circumstance I think would stop me
if I were to suddenly drop dead

so find yourself a comfy hole to hide in
pretend the world is yours and yours alone
then in a year or two you can emerge and
with luck my fuse will have already blown

the score

I’ve saved all my money to set me up fine
the bit I’ve not spent on women or wine
I’ve worked like a trojan from there up to here
and pickled my liver in badly brewed beer

but it’s time so they say that I settled down
spend nights in my own place and not on the town
found a good woman who will share my life
and if she’s not fussy to make her my wife

but I know the score for I’ve been around
and I know that good ones aren’t easily found
and they have their pick or so I’ve been told
of young tall and handsome and I’m short fat and old

teerz (for gunner adn fambly)

ai cood spin sum pritty storeez
of teh wae fingz yoost tu be
of awl teh luv ai gayv yoo
adn teh luv yoo gayv tu me
teh gaymz we yoost tu plae
adn awl teh fun weed shayr
adn o, hao much ai’l miss yoo
wen ai reech adn yoor nott tehre
adn ai cood tel a fowsand taylz
of hoo yoo wer tu me
butt nao ai haz noe wurdz left
mai teerz muss speek for me

a frend

wel ai walkd up tu teh kitteh
adn ai swept a sweeepin bow
doft mai hat poe lite lee adn
purchd mai glassis so
adn ai coft tu cleer mai froat
adn smyld a jentul grin
adn ai sed tu teh kitteh
“wil yoo inviet me in?”
adn teh kitteh skrunchd hur eyz up
adn gayzd a gayzly stayr
ai beegun tu gett teh feelin
taht ai shood be els wer
ai woz juss abowt tu turn rownd
adn hed off down teh layn
wen teh kitteh sed “pleez entur
adn pray wot iz yoor naym”
such a luvlee kitteh
ai doent fink ai evver nyoo
if yoor luukin for a frend ai
sujjest yoo cum heer tuu


shark or sheep or butterfly
I swear I heard him ask
the price he paid was prodigal
to look behind my mask

and what he saw he could not say
the words clogged up his throat
and meanwhile I reclined relaxed
my heart and thoughts remote

left behind while others walked
patterns I could not share
neither first nor last was I
and neither did I care

truth I held in open hands
and offered to the crowd
soon I knew the time would come
to speak my thoughts aloud

thoughts that some would count as blest
while other cursed my name
the cost of doing business though
I felt no pride or shame

and seven times I called for you
with never a reply
at last you would not join me
to watch these piggies fly


a heart that’s made of broken glass
words cutting like a blade
a life built out of misery
is this all that I have made
A promise that I gave you
was never mine to keep
the lullaby I sing for you
drives out all hope of sleep
but darling from the early days
though you thought me a catch
i was only tinder looking
for my perfect match


ai cood walk a millyun mielz
froo rayn adn fog adn snoe
ai cood walk a millyun moer
if ai had sumwer tu goe
but tiem iz catchin up adn
ai reellee cannot see
wotz teh poynt in walkin
if ai haz noe wer to bee

butt nao ai see teh beekun
adn mai hart beetz liek a drum
a liet tahtz cawlin owt to me
adn itz messij iz tu cum
cum adn yoo wil fynd yoorself
a playse among yoor peerz
tohse hool shayr yoor joyz wif yoo
adn wiep awae yoor teerz

liek a fowntayn in a dezzurt
or a shell tur form teh rayn
a pilloe for a tierd hed
an annal gee sic gaynst teh payn
we awl haz hurtz adn sumtiemz
wen lief iz drownin uz in woe
taht beekun juss reemienz uz
we haz a playse tu goe