shark or sheep or butterfly
I swear I heard him ask
the price he paid was prodigal
to look behind my mask

and what he saw he could not say
the words clogged up his throat
and meanwhile I reclined relaxed
my heart and thoughts remote

left behind while others walked
patterns I could not share
neither first nor last was I
and neither did I care

truth I held in open hands
and offered to the crowd
soon I knew the time would come
to speak my thoughts aloud

thoughts that some would count as blest
while other cursed my name
the cost of doing business though
I felt no pride or shame

and seven times I called for you
with never a reply
at last you would not join me
to watch these piggies fly

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  1. damommza

     /  June 8, 2012

    All the stanzas complete a story until the last one, then I lose my way. The first two stanzas are my favorite.. I’m wandering lost, somewhere around the piggies flying.. 😀

    • Actually that’s not too surprising, this is three part poems that were going nowhere, which, with a quick repaint and liberal use of a hammer, I forced into one 😀


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