damommza & sunovawot

The time between the start of “up”
Is always met with shock
But I swear I am sleeping still
While staring at the clock

The night has flown and taken with
It all my thoughts of you
As daylight floods these empty rooms
The parting, that was true

With eyes half closed I scan for proof
That all is that it was
And then I see the half slept bed
I know it was because…

…the roar of pointless arguments
In our so stubborn heads
May force a breach between us
And mandate seperate beds

So here I lie and watch the clock
Gauge my life go by
Why should I bestir myself
When I would rather cry

Cry for all the stupid moves
That I have ever played
And curse a ruined life that like
This bed is half unmade


two kinds of sleep

Due to a mistake on my part I originally credited a second verse to damommza that she was quoting, not claiming as her own. I apologize for any false imperessions that attribution gave.
As this blog is all original work I decided to remove the quoted verse rather than just alter the attribution.


and if all cares with gentle hand
were cast into the dying light
and peace lay on this verdant land
could I at last embrace the night
for light doth fade before my eyes
my thoughts repose in sable deep
can I then broach my heart’s goodbyes
and court the hours I must sleep

shadoes (for Spike adn Lovcharliecat adn fambly)

shadoes clowd mai eyz adn mai hart iz troolee broek
ai trai tu sing yoor prazez butt awl ai can do iz choek
teh wurdz for hao ai miss yoo haznt yet been mayd
sorroe lize upon me adn ai am lost within itz shayd
teh eezy fing tu do wood be tu giv up adn giv in
wotz teh poynt of fytin wen ai noe ai cannot win
butt taht iz nott an opshun adn onward ai muss stryve
ai noe taht tehrez noe givin up wyle ai am stil alyve
adn thoe ai haz tu carree tihs burdun til mai end
ai noe taht wen taht dae cumz weel meet agen mai frend

what use

my brain is an ocean, my heart is a forest
and no song I’ve written will ever be sung
the further I move through the walls of perception
the older I get, the more traps I have sprung

can it be true that the worlds I encompass
are simply the metaphors simpletons use
and if I reach out to anyone passing
do I then abnegate my right to choose

where is the road that I should have taken
where are the guide and the charts that I need
how can I march if I don’t hear the drum beat
what use are words that no-one can read

I will

I will crawl among the random
while the pious court the lost
I will wander from the subject
through a lifetime rimed with frost
I will serve my chosen causes
though it cost my ravelled soul
I will take each step unguarded
in pursuit of my goal
I’ll observe those many failures
who never crossed the line
then I’ll stand and take their plaudits
for the fault was never mine

the grateful dead

my name? a moment let me see
as I recall I used to be
but that was when the world was young
and words came tripping off the tongue
and life was still a newish game
that came and left and came again
and names were given, one to each
the future stood beyond our reach
but still we gave and still we took
and were not bound by Word nor Book
Oh I recall those days with pride
when no-one had a need to hide
when truth was true and lies untold
and love was valued more than gold
but time is now and past is past
and as I come to breathe my last
I look upon the world with dread
then go to join the grateful dead

it woz (for Zeekie, mugglemary adn fambly)

it woz luv taht held yoo heer
til it woz tiem for yoo to leev
it woz luv taht woz owr fortyoon
adn wiv luv ai will greev
ai wil greev for awl tohse moe mintz
taht we too yoosd to shayr
ai wil greev for awl tohse daez wen
we didnt haz a cayr
adn thoe ai’m greevin nao ai noe
taht wen wen mai liefz compleet
yoo wil be amung teh furst
taht at teh bridj ai’l meet


In my own little corner
I can play my little games
I can conjure up disaster
by a million different names
I can break you on a wheel
I can curse you to your death
I can grind you down to flinders
I can steal your every breath
in my own little corner
I am king of all I see
in your own little corner
wouldn’t you rather be me


I met a scrivener on the way
and he asked me for my name-o
then he gave me a ride to the other side
for to me it’s all the same-o
and I prinked and I pronked and paddled my boat
floating down the stream-o
nothing may be what I think I see
in this frabjous dream-o
and I look to my plans but they’re all gone agley
and the bells no longer ring-o
a penny to a pound that I’ll stand my ground
while the ladies bid me sing-o
and I’ll gently take your hand in mine
and we’ll commence to twirl-o
for I tell you true that I’ll love you too
if you’ll only be my girl-o
so stagger down swagger down round the way
I’ve come to see them hang-o
and we’ll all have fun in the midnight sun
’til the light goes out with a bang-o

the scoundrel

I’ve known some bold rascals and slept with some too
when you’re young drunk and horny then any will do
and lies I have told to both stranger and friend
but who knows what truth is and where it will end

I’ve cursed and I’ve stole and I’ve gambled and fought
and lived me a life of the very worst sort
when it comes to judgement and my story’s told
it’s screwing and scrambling and scrapping for gold

there’s nothing that you have that is worth a damn
that I couldn’t take with some elegant scam
for sure as old nick I would bet on my wit
to part man and treasure and make off with it

but time is a demon that devours the days
as I’m getting older I must change my ways
instead of the bottle the battle and strife
I’ve took up religion to fund the good life