shadoes (for Spike adn Lovcharliecat adn fambly)

shadoes clowd mai eyz adn mai hart iz troolee broek
ai trai tu sing yoor prazez butt awl ai can do iz choek
teh wurdz for hao ai miss yoo haznt yet been mayd
sorroe lize upon me adn ai am lost within itz shayd
teh eezy fing tu do wood be tu giv up adn giv in
wotz teh poynt of fytin wen ai noe ai cannot win
butt taht iz nott an opshun adn onward ai muss stryve
ai noe taht tehrez noe givin up wyle ai am stil alyve
adn thoe ai haz tu carree tihs burdun til mai end
ai noe taht wen taht dae cumz weel meet agen mai frend

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  1. damommza

     /  July 26, 2012

    *holds lighter and sways to the music of your wonnermuss poem…*
    *passes owt teh shamwows..*

  2. Just rips my heart out, right out of my chest…. *takes shamwow from damommza*


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