Cheezland part elebenty

in mai lief ai haz disk uvvurd
witt adn wizdum haz ai nun
butt ai wil be teh bess ai can be
unnerneef a cheezland sun

ai wil sing mai happee song if
yoo wil tayk mai foofy paw
we wil wawk tihs paff tugevver
heer be owrz forevver moer

nuffin meenz a fing wiffowt yoo
tihs iz awl ai haz tu noe
awl abowt mae be confooshun
butt tugevver we can groe


tu Upfi

iz troo, or so tehy tel me,
noe mattur wot it tayk
a burfdae catterpiggly
shood haz a burfdae cayk
adn wif it owr bess wishus
dee sendin form abuv
tu bring teh catterpiggly
awl owr burfdae luv

PK & S

wawlz adn bowndreez wot teh hekk
we stumblol heer adn grumblol tehre
tayk anuvver poek adn hoep
sumdae sumhao weel get sumwer

klym anuvver blastid fense
anuvver snag along teh wae
swer in sy lense (mynd teh kitz)
weel get tehre, if nott tudae

cawshuss hoep, letz howld it cloes
been heer befor, iz nuffin nyoo
we kan wayt for fings of wurff
beeleev me, ai haz fayth in yoo


troolee in tiemz tu cum
storeez wil be told
of hao tihs caym tu be
adn of tohse kittehz bold
hoo furstly mayd tehre wae
brayv lee hand in hand
in tu tihs preshuss playse
in tu tihs nyoo Cheezland
adn of PK & S
hoo wif noe fret or fuss
tuuk on teh my tee webz
tu bild it juss for us


Jeri can you feel me in the colours of the day
I’ll be here beside you no matter what you say
I have taken nothing that wasn’t mine to take
and I have broken nothing I did not need to break
I can guide you through the barricades that others build
I can take where you’ll find your promises fullfilled
but Jeri take it easy for there are no foes to beat
and I will tie the world up and lay it at your feet
I can see our future like it’s laid out on the line
the world will be our plaything when Jeri you are mine


Geneviève my love my heart
we’ve been together thick and thin
but now it’s time for us to part
what went wrong? where to begin?

you stole my money
kicked my cat
drank my scotch
and trashed my flat
you told me lies
you ran around
took up with ev’ry
guy you found
you called my mother
“stupid witch”
you gave me that
peculiar itch
you crashed my car
my ‘puter too
you broke my heart
now didn’t you
you gave my things
to all your friends
well Geneviève
now it ends!


Mary what a folderol you come on like a queen
as callous and contemptible as any I have seen
but Mary I can tell you that the world is not your toy
and if you’re after subjects then be sure I’m not your boy
I’ve spent too many years working my way through
life and all it’s challenges to bow my head to you
nothing you can say or do will change my settled mind
you claim to see the substance but the truth is you are blind
all the world is moving on while you perch on your throne
so Mary don’t be too surprised if you’re left on your own

a nyoo hoem

o ai wil hold yoor hand
adn weel tayk a wawk tugevver
bai adn bai weel fynd a nyoo playse
wer we can noe forevver
adn weel choos owrselvz tu be tehre
coz tihs iz wot weer aftur
a playse amung owr frendz
a playse of joi adn laftur
a playse wer we can settl
nebber moer tu roem
a playse taht filz owr hartz
a playse taht we cawl hoem

happee (teh lurkerz song)

tehrez a likkl playse tehy tel me
wer awl kittehz ar welcum
if yoo wontz tu cum adn joyn in
yoo juss haz tu bryng yoorseff

so tehn ai caym a creepin
a creepin adn a crawlin
adn ai fownd maiseff a cawnur
wer ai cood wotsh teh kittehz plae

adn teh fun woz shayrd by menny
it juss seemd tu keep on groe-in
adn ai huddld in mai cawnur
adn ai smyld a happee smyl

pretty pictures

you look so bloody beautiful, dressed up to the nines
while I am being laughed off stage for forgetting my lines
if only I could find the words to make you understand
if only we could touch once more, I reach out for your hand
but all you give are platitudes and pats upon the head
and smile and nod encouragingly no matter what I’ve said
and I have wasted all this time trying to break through
drawing illustrations that are meaningless to you
nothing I have ever done has left a lasting mark
just painting pretty pictures that are lost within the dark