woz tehre a mapp

did ai tayk teh perfeck cornur
shood ai haz tuuk anuvver bend
did ai miss yoor howse on purr puss
woz ai taht bad of a frend
ar tehre doorz ai shood haz opend
adn wunz taht shood stae cloesd
did ai goe wer aiz forbiddun
adn nott wer aiz suppoesd
did ai cum heer bai mai choyse
or am ai cort in sumwunz trapp
pleez tel me wer ai’m going
adn tel me woz tehre a mapp

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  1. damommza

     /  August 4, 2012

    *taps fingas* Ai sneded yoo a purrrrrson awl GPS sistim, teh kow or dinates, ai haz a beekun atop maii hows AND tow dawlfins wif paddlols to push yoo heer. Ugh..Draguns..tehy nebber lissen! *snerk*

    Iz a mowt ossum powem and ai gibs it awl maii tow thums uppity!

  2. Clappity clappity!! A GPS wuld beh grate! Lifes awl bout jurney nawt destinashun….butt(!) would beh wundermuss if weh culd avoyd teh accident blak spots! 😀


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