happee (teh lurkerz song)

tehrez a likkl playse tehy tel me
wer awl kittehz ar welcum
if yoo wontz tu cum adn joyn in
yoo juss haz tu bryng yoorseff

so tehn ai caym a creepin
a creepin adn a crawlin
adn ai fownd maiseff a cawnur
wer ai cood wotsh teh kittehz plae

adn teh fun woz shayrd by menny
it juss seemd tu keep on groe-in
adn ai huddld in mai cawnur
adn ai smyld a happee smyl

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  1. tihs pome nawt sekkund appeerd on teh nyoo Cheezland site

    http://prysmcat.org/lol/2012/08/i-iz-a-shoo/ šŸ˜€

    • damommza

       /  August 18, 2012

      OHAI on teh noo siet!! Ai lefted yoo a noet ADN ai gaev yoo 5 pointey ends fur teh clebbernes adn ossum!


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