a nyoo hoem

o ai wil hold yoor hand
adn weel tayk a wawk tugevver
bai adn bai weel fynd a nyoo playse
wer we can noe forevver
adn weel choos owrselvz tu be tehre
coz tihs iz wot weer aftur
a playse amung owr frendz
a playse of joi adn laftur
a playse wer we can settl
nebber moer tu roem
a playse taht filz owr hartz
a playse taht we cawl hoem

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  1. Cool 🙂

  2. damommza

     /  August 20, 2012

    sunovawot-yoo hazza awl teh wurds, jus lyke a dikshun hary butt(!) yoo put tehm awl in teh bestest awdur tu ryte teh mown lublyest uv thawts. Mai hart sneds yoo seberal clappity claps fur tihs oen.

    • fan q 😀 wif tihs pome ai i caym up wif teh nawt sekkund lien, tehn teh last wun, tehn it woz juss a mattur of kullerin in teh middul 😀

  3. Wow….yew habs sucha wae wit wurds as damommza saes!!!
    yew can eggspress sew much sew sus sinkt lee!
    Ai bin lurkin between moobin hawse…is sew gud tu habs cheezland bak, adn awl frendz nawt seen fur sew lawng 😀

    • fan q 😀 sum ey dearz seem tu speek for tehmselvz, ai juss haz tu ryte teh wurdz down 😀
      ai hoep teh moev iz goe-in wel 😀
      eeven if ai doent tawk mutsh on Cheezland, iz stil gudgudgud tu see sum of teh owld naemz comin bak 😀


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