troolee in tiemz tu cum
storeez wil be told
of hao tihs caym tu be
adn of tohse kittehz bold
hoo furstly mayd tehre wae
brayv lee hand in hand
in tu tihs preshuss playse
in tu tihs nyoo Cheezland
adn of PK & S
hoo wif noe fret or fuss
tuuk on teh my tee webz
tu bild it juss for us

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  1. damommza

     /  August 26, 2012

    Tihs a wunnermus adn mozd awwwww spishus okashun. Tu be a part uv teh gnu cheezland izza awwnur adn a pribledge. Yoor powem catshures teh pryde adn teh gloree adn teh chonkkolittes (dyd sumbunnee say “chonkkolittes?) adn teh madgestee uv owr gnu hoem.


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