PK & S

wawlz adn bowndreez wot teh hekk
we stumblol heer adn grumblol tehre
tayk anuvver poek adn hoep
sumdae sumhao weel get sumwer

klym anuvver blastid fense
anuvver snag along teh wae
swer in sy lense (mynd teh kitz)
weel get tehre, if nott tudae

cawshuss hoep, letz howld it cloes
been heer befor, iz nuffin nyoo
we kan wayt for fings of wurff
beeleev me, ai haz fayth in yoo

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  1. It juss struk me, wylol duing sumfin els, taht ai fergot tu putt tihs on mai blog. It woz orijinly poestd on Org 26f at:


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