how can I or any one determine all that’s true
wisdom seems a story told by someone I once knew
curled before the fire with my eyes upon the door
waiting for that moment that you’d return once more
life in all it’s glories is a game that lovers play
tomorrow is a better place than it was yesterday
and all I have to keep me here is held within your hand
such positives as I display are built on drifting sand
but you my love call out to me and I will not resist
for I never knew what living is until first time we kissed



I shine with sheer delight my dear
the walls are closing in
when it comes to how I feel
the answer’s in my grin
satisfying you may think
to follow where you lead
but here I am and here I stay
regardless of your need
lighter is the day somehow
with all the hours fled
turnabout is fair perhaps
but fair is for the dead
I force the world into a shape
that matches my desire
everything that was before
I consign to the fire
the flames leap up and in my eye
the past is less than naught
it only takes a moment’s toil
to embrace all I sought
generally the truth is held
to be beyond our ken
but that’s a limitation
I don’t share with other men


dahling you are just how I remember
cold enough to freeze a body dead
you even have that sneer that I love so
your reply to everything I said
and tell me do you still find fault in strangers
claim that all around you must be fake
I don’t suppose that you have learnt to give yet
as I recall with you it’s take take take
but dahling it’s a pleasure just to see you
those memories come flooding back so fast
now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be leaving
and pray to god this meeting was our last

the gambler

I know that you hate gambling
say it’s evil, and that’s true
but I bet on the horses
hell, I even bet on you
don’t think you can save me
for me it’s way too late
’cause the clock says five to nine girl
and honey, that’s a straight!

nc adn fambly

cownt up awl teh wurreez
cownt up awl teh fretz
nebber turn yoor bak adn
awlwaez hejj yoor betz
teh wurld iz nott yoor buddee
it izznt tehre for yoo
yoor ownlee on a vizzit
ownlee passin froo
butt boi kan it be happee
wen fingz goe ryte in it
adn teh wurld iz awlwaez bryter
wif a nyoo baeb in it

shawt-syted kitteh mcwot’z uptyte downtiem blooz

kitteh hurd teh aynjulz da-DOW-da-doww
wen taykin a toek da-DOW-da-doww
nao kittehz lief haz da-DOW-da-doww
goen up in smoek da-DOW-da-doww

teh nawt sekkund tiem da-DOW-da-doww
taht he hit teh bong da-DOW-da-doww
he dansd wif teh debbil da-DOW-da-doww
thoe he nyoo it woz rong da-DOW-da-doww

ai’z been tehre kitteh da-DOW-da-doww
ai’z hit tohse hyes da-DOW-da-doww
wen yoor nott shoor wer up iz da-DOW-da-doww
adn hoo stoel yoor eyz da-DOW-da-doww

iz teh nokk em daon drag em aot
curs teh bujjee steel teh shynee
run for cuvver kikk teh doggeh blooz

kittehz a biktim da-DOW-da-doww
or so he claym da-DOW-da-doww
butt kittehz ar redd-hott da-DOW-da-doww
at shiftin teh blaym da-DOW-da-doww

so sing me a sad song da-DOW-da-doww
sing it in ryme da-DOW-da-doww
tehn juss leev me heer da-DOW-da-doww
survin mai tiem da-DOW-da-doww

wee been on tihs roed nao da-DOW-da-doww
for soe menny yeerz da-DOW-da-doww
wurk liek a doggeh da-DOW-da-doww
tehn sink a fyoo beerz da-DOW-da-doww

it woz teh doggeh did it mamma
pass me up a big slyse
heddin for teh sunsett
sayvin up for kattmuss blooz

tihs stawree iz owld nao da-DOW-da-doww
yoo noez hao it goe da-DOW-da-doww
if it wuzznt for nip ai’d da-DOW-da-doww
be runnin tihs show da-DOW-da-doww

sum daez ai merember da-DOW-da-doww
adn sum ai ferget da-DOW-da-doww
doent noe wer aiz goe-in da-DOW-da-doww
coz aiz nott been tehre yet da-DOW-da-doww

teh caddee-lackz waytin da-DOW-da-doww
at teh fuut of teh hil da-DOW-da-doww
tiem ai woz leevin da-DOW-da-doww
nao hoo paez mai bil da-DOW-da-doww

ai’z got teh shood haz been a blakksmiff
tye-dee up on choozdae
shuutin fish in barrulz
randum wurd sell ek shun blooz

poussinboi’z burfdae pome

terhe ar peeplz taht we noes
taht we jujj bai tehir cloethz
or bai tehir car or munniez in tehir banx
butt uvvers taht haz wurf
taht tehy haz had sinse burf
adn for taht yoo noe we shood giv fanx

adn yoo noe it doent tayk mutch
tu sellerbrayt wun sutch
adn partee down wif cayk ‘n’ gaymz ‘n’ joi
adn mayk owr wurdz ring owt
az tugevver we awl showt
a verree happee burfdae poussinboi


wunse it woz so eezee
adn luvvin woz so grand
ai own lee had tu reech owt
tu tuch yoo wif mai hand
ai ownlee had tu speek owt
ai nyoo ai wood be hurd
teh messij taht ai luv yoo
woz carreed bai eech wurd
butt nao taht yoor nott heer
ai send tihs bloon abuv
tu tel yoo ai stil miss yoo
adn bring tu yoo mai luv

illusion’s ghost

and then as that damned caterwauling
rattled through my brain
all around were people praying
for an end to pain
but I was in an other place and
the torture never bit
though I heard the angels screaming
I paid no heed to it
nothing that you brought before me
served to dowse my flame
I am made of sterner stuff than
those who shaped this game
though I see the masses fleeing
like rabbits on the run
corpses may be all that’s left when
this story is done
but I’m not here to settle scores
or so my reason says
I have seen the death of beauty
in these godless days
and why should I seek any pleasure
that’s not mine to take
when death in all his sullen glory
makes of me a fake
and though the story has no ending
to satisfy the host
is this one more foul illusion
or just illusion’s ghost

wot iz… (for ‘Niser, Asti adn fambly)

wot iz luv wen nott tugevver ?
wot iz luv if nott tu shayr ?
wot iz luv if nott forevver ?
wot iz luv wen yoor nott tehre ?

wot iz payn if nott tihs partin ?
wot iz payn hao do ai sae ?
wot iz payn wen yoor nott wif me ?
wot iz payn if nott tudae ?

wot haz we if nott teh fyoocher ?
wot ar teerz spilt for a frend ?
wot iz tiem butt spayse tu greev in ?
til taht dae we meetz agen !